Back fromthe dead!!!!

Hey gang! I'm back! Aren't you glad to see me?!?!?!? 

The last few weeks in Austin were rough. I totally lost sight of WHY I was moving 700 miles away from dear friends and a great freakin town, and began to panic! By the time we got to New Mexico, though, I was back to feeling good about the move.

I am deeply in love with the high desert. I had forgotten how wonderful the sky is- amazing color, glorious cloud formations. I love watching storms blow in. I love dry heat. I love that it cools down so much at night. Sigh.

So... law school. I've started a sort of "boot camp" for law school- 2 mock classes structured in much the same way our regular classes will be structured, complete with case briefs, memos, and a final. Fortunately, none of the grades count- it's just practice. I've met some great people and I even have a date on Saturday night. I'll keep you posted.

In ALL the time I was gone from the blog, I didn't get a whole lot of knitting done. I gave up on the Alhambra socks. The pattern was perfect- REALLY GOOD- but my brain was severely crippled. I screwed up the first sock so badly in my leaving-Austin-panic that I couldn't even hope to replicate my errors on the second sock. So I threw the first sock away. Tragic, but theraputic.

I DID knit AND finish a very basic pair of ribbed socks. They're cute. Picture tomorrow.

Anyway, it's good to be back. Sorry I've been gone for so long!!!

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