Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everybody! I'm signing off for the next two weeks. While I'm gone I will be:

  • Wrapping presents
  • Seeing friends
  • Decorating Christmas cookies with my nephew
  • Travelling to Arkansas with the boyfriend
  • Going to Santa Fe to play Santa Claus
  • Walking the farolitos and singing Christmas carols
  • Going to Christmas Eve Church Service
  • Opening presents
  • Relaxing and making merry!

I hope everyone has a fantastic couple weeks, regardless of what/how/if you're celbrating.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


All The News That's Fit To Print

Bad news: my pants are too tight.
Good news: the next size up is still huge. Whew!

The rest is all good news:

  • I *almost* am done with my Christmas shopping- just my baby brother left to buy for, and I know what I'm getting him and where to get it.
  • A dear law school friend wants to go to Cabo San Lucas for spring break. Her Mom has a timeshare there. Um, YES.
  • It's time! Christmas! I can now start doing fun things like wrapping presents and relaxing a little! YAY.


New Look and Christmas Knitting

Woman Obsessed got a face lift this morning. I kind of like the clean lines... Who knows how long this will last!!!

What is it about Christmas and knitters that makes us all insane? Cruising blogland I see dozens of knitters who appear to think that the can get an entire year's worth of knitting done in December. IT'S CRAZY. I knit two presents- one was done in mid-November, the other last night. That was enough to send me over the edge! People think my knitting is cute, but most don't care whether a gift is hand-knitted or not (and I have it on good authority that most would even prefer NON-handknitted presents).

SO why do we do this to ourselves?

Things I Have Learned This Semester

In no particular order:
  • Finals still suck.
  • I need to brief each and every case as I read it. Create a separate file and brief the dang case. Makes studying for finals go waaaay faster.
  • There is no such thing as a good multiple choice exam in law school. Virtually everything we learn is: Rule, exception, exception to the exception and so on and so forth. There's just no way to write a decent multiple choice exam.
  • Having good professors makes SUCH A HUGE DIFFERENCE. I'm as stressed as I was last spring, yet I'm not on the verge of taking out any of my professors. This is progress, people.
  • It will all get done. It doesn't ever seem like it will, but it does.
  • I know more than I think I do. It's usually just a matter of going over the informaton again at the end of the semester. That and getting totally stressed out and cranky with everyone I love. Ya'll know how it is!
  • Knitting is a good non-verbal activity to help switch gears before I go to sleep. Helps prevent psycho "I can't figure out how to footnote what I'm wearing tomorrow because there isn't any state action in my Mom's car" type dreams. Which, incidentally, should be avoided at all costs.
  • I should take handwritten notes during class. It helps me focus on what's really important instead of transcribing the class. Also means lower quantity of higher quality prep for finals. AND, means I won't be surfing the web during class. Which, um, was a problem this semester.



I feel like singing Handel's Messiah! WOOHOO!!!!!

I had nightmares all last night about this morning's exam- dreamt that I kept applying the civil procedure II analysis to other classes- con law, torts (from first semester first year! yikes!), civil procedure I... It was a big bummer.

But the test went ok, I think. The professor used one question off an exam from a couple years ago, that I had looked over but not worked in depth. But even seeing the facts again helped. The second question is based on a case that is currently pending before the state supreme court- he sent us a link to the court of appeals decision so we can see how they handled the issues. Um, I don't even want to look because it will reveal what I missed on the exam and I just don't need to know right now.

I also finished my last law review cite checking exercise of the semester- WOOT!

So.... I am officially on vacation. I have a massage at 5:30 and then miscellaneous around the house and Christmas stuff to attend to. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!


How do YOU deal with stress?

Two down, one to go. 48 hours and counting. Almost there...

Aside from the obvious coping mechanisms(eating, procrastinating, knitting), When I get REALLY STRESSED, I rewrite the lyrics to well-known songs. Sometimes it's nursery rhyme songs, like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, sometimes it's old Beatles tunes... Something where people know the tune because I usually send an e-mail to someone saying: "To the tune of..." and include the lyrics. Gets a laugh and a "you're nuts" every time!

If the song lyrics don't work, I write really bad poetry. Usually Haiku. Although for a while I specialized in Sonnets about the hideous woman I worked for at my last job before law school. She was quite the muse, let me tell you. And I got really strict on the formal rules- thematic rules, rhyme schemes, iambic pentameter... Kinda fun, actually, trying to force my frustration into a very formal structure- helped me get out of "oh poor me" mode and laugh at the situation.

Edited to add: Things haven't even progressed to the song lyric phase this exam period! Though I thought about if for a minute this morning...

This is PROGRESS, people!

Edited again to add: Oh yeah, I ripped out that sock. The lovely green fabulous one a few posts back. I screwed up the gusset decreases, then tried to rip out a few rows, had trouble getting the stitches back on the needle. Then I realized that I didn't like the fabric- working on too big a needle- and despite the fact that they fit perfectly, I wasn't going to be happy with the floppy fabric. Oh well. It was the right decision. But now I can't knit socks till my size 3s are free again!


Another knitting project waiting in the wings...

I'm not knitting much on this either, courtesy of finals, so I'll blog about it!

This is the "Airy Scarf" Pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts with stockinette blocks instead of all garter. The pattern calls for Rowan Kidsilk Haze, which I have, but I wanted to use my Tilli Tomas Disco Lights Yarn. Glorious stuff- 100% silk with matte sequins in the same color strung throughout.

The color is waaay more accurate in the first picture, but you can see the sparkles better in the second.

I'm such a sucker for sparkly yarn!


Butter Fingers

I've been doing a *wee* bit of typing recently.

I am terrified that I am going to type "pubic use" over and over agian on my Con Law exam instead of using the much more politically (and technically) correct "public use."

Back when I was a technical writer, I'd had a really long couple days at work trying to get a product out. I knew it was time to quit for the day when I misspelled "technology" in such a way that spellechecker suggested "gynecologist" as the correct spelling....


Hey, That's Interesting.... Not.

It is actually kind of interesting that so many dormant commerce clause cases involve milk.

It is not interesting that I am noticing this at 11:00 on a Friday night.

I live SUCH an exciting life! All finals, all the time, baby.


Retro Rib Socks

One exam down, two more to go. A week from today I will be halfway done with lawschool. WHEEEEEE!

Have I rapsodized about these socks yet? No? WELL....

Pattern: Retro Rib Socks from Winter 2004/05 Interweave Knits. I'm knitting them from the toe up, and am going to attempt an inverted heel flap courtesy of the instructions in Sensational Knitted Socks. Also, sport weight yarn calls for mods to the pattern- fortunately, Alison over at the Blue Blog already did the math! Thanks Alsion!

Yarn: Plain and Fancy Sheel and Wool, Sport Weight. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Lovely stuff. Slightly variegated, butter soft... Yummy yummy yarn.

Here's a better view of the patterning:

Not that I'm knitting on these right now. In fact, I'm blogging about them precisely because I CAN'T knit on them and study for evidence at the same time. Now that you mention it, I can't study evidence and blog at the same time. Dang. I guess it's time to get back to work!!!


Birthday Goodness and a MEME!

First off, what a FABULOUS birthday! Highlights were lunch with Meg, flowers, and fabulous dinner with my family.

Meg is brilliant. My present was a whole sweater's worth of recycled CASHMERE yarn. How WONDERFUL?!?!?

According to my McMorran Yarn Balance, it's about 1000 yards of light worsted wieght fabulousness. What should I make with it? It's not quite enough for a sweater on it's own... I'm thinking maybe a raglan with different colored sleeves? Or I could make a sweater and stripe it with something else...

This is such a fabulous gift. First, it's totally Meg- a wonderful thrift store find. Second, it's totally me. Baby blue cashmere? HELLO? AND, it's totally our mutual fiber obsession. I can't imagine a more perfect gift.

Except for these:

Gorgeous tulips from the BF. I love tulips. I love the BF!

AND, I've been TAGGED for a MEME by none other than Scout!

So, I have 2 knitting spots. One is in the living room, where I sit on the couch (not usually covered in the Christmas quilt, but it's December...)

From this spot, I can chat with Mom in her blue chair and watch TV.

The other spot is in my room, in my comfy chair.

My basket of projects and VIP stash is under the table.

From here, I can see my currently very messy room and Scooter as he stalks me.

I'm tagging: Meg, Rebecca, Froggy, Jeannie, and Beverly.


Stop! I can't breathe- laughing too hard!

If you haven't read Today's Harlot, stop whatever you're doing and GO. GO NOW.

I had tears streaming down my cheeks, side splitting from laughing too hard.

Man. Now THAT'S funny.

And thanks for all the happy birthday wishes! It's a GREAT DAY!!!!

29 and holding.

Happy Birthday to me! Today I turn 29 years old. My Mom will call me at 8:13 am mountain time to tell me all about the day I was born, just as she does every year. I love it. Apparently it was bitter cold in Santa Fe that day, just like it is right now... It had started snowing as my parents drove to the hospital at 11:00 the previous night, and when they put me in my Mom's arms it was a major blizzard.

29. That means I turn 30 next year. I don't mean to have the Bridget Jones style breakdown about turning 30, but there are some things on my mind, now that it is firmly within sight. I'm not where I thought I'd be at 29. I always imagined myself married with a munchkin or two by the time I hit 29. I am currently neither, and it doesn't look like either will happen by 30.

On the plus side, at 30 I will graduate from law school and start a fabulous new career. Now THAT'S something to be excited about. Almost like the end of the job wilderness. After spending my 20s drifting from job to job and town to town, I am looking forward to building a real career.

So what am I doing to celebrate?

Well, I'm housesitting in Corrales, and I noticed that the quilting store out here has a gigantic sign that says: "GOT YARN!" Sooooo. I'll cruise by there and see what they've got. Having lunch with Meg, followed by running a few errands and studying a little Con Law. Knit Night then dinner at Graze with Mom and my Brother. The weather is gorgeous, if nippy, so it actually feels like winter. I love that. Too bad there's no snow- skiing would be an absolutely perfect way to spend a birthday. Maybe next year! For the scary big 3-0!


Mini Sweater Ornaments.

Mini Sweater Ornaments.
Originally uploaded by woman obsessed.
I love these things!!!

Pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, using up random bits of scrap yarn. These take about an hour and a half each and are really cute. I've made 2 more since I took this photo...


Gift Yarn!

Gift Yarn!
Originally uploaded by woman obsessed.
Meg gave me this gorgeous handpainted yarn as a thank you for watching her kitties before Thanksgiving.

It's spectacular! The yarn is handpainted 50/50 silk and wool. Like buttah. The colors are amazing- deep brick red, fuschia, and browns all blended together. My colors, baby!

Now I just have to figure out what to do with it....

Thoughts On the Law

Since I should be studying, I am spending lots of time thinking about things that DEFINITELY won't be on any of my exams. Natch.

Doing my mock trial this fall, I was really struck by the complete and total disconnect between what we do in law school and what happens in a courtroom. I have spent the last 18 months reading appellate case after appellate case, trying to discern the abstract legal rule and how it works when applied to various sets of facts. At trial, you just tell a good story about your client and... get this... you never even mention the law. There is no talk of rules, no talk of what the Supreme Court has held in the past, no discussion of what elements I have to prove in order to win... It's all just a story.


Also. Law Review.

Really? Not so bad. I will know the Blue Book inside and out, which is a handy skill for lawyers to have. I'm learning a TON about class action law, which is moderately interesting. It's kind of nice to be able to dive so deep into a single topic. By the time my case note is finished, I will have written a 100+ page survey of class action law and and how the New Mexico Court of Appeals was correct in this one certain case. I might have come to a different conclusion, but that doesn't mean it was an abuse of discretion...

And legal writing?

I'm a very detailed writer. I tend to gather all the quotes I want to use, put them in an order that makes sense, and write text around the quotes. Not the most efficient way to do things, but it helps me get an argument out with plenty of support for each point. Just saying.


Cawfee Tawk

Law Review: fabulous resume builder or Chinese water torture?



Uh, OK.

So, I woke up late today. Rolled out of bed, ran my fingers through my hair, cringed when I looked in the mirror, and walked out the door anyway.

And I've gotten more compliments on my hair today than almost ever before.

What gives? Maybe the slovenly look becomes me... Which is good, because there will be a lot of it in the next 2 weeks!

Note to Self:

Don't even think about putting contacts in between now and the end of December 16. 12+ hours a day in front of a computer + indoor heating vents = notsogood.


I love December

Happy things about December:
  • My birthday is December 6. Happy birthday to me!
  • I LOVE Christmas. Such a happy, sparkly, merry time of year!
  • Finals stink, but I get the entire second half of the month off to enjoy myself and make merry!!
  • Presents! Getting AND Giving. I love giving presents.
  • It's cold, so I get to wear lots of hand-knit stuff.
  • Snow. If we ever get any.
  • If we get any snow, SKIING!
  • Generosity of spirit that seems to be lacking for the rest of the year.
  • Christmas music.
  • Advent.
  • Fabulous smells- evergreen, cranberry, cinnamon...

Edited to add:
  • Pinon fires! Thanks for the reminder, Jeannie! Pinon fires make me think of...
  • Christmas Eve. Dinner at the Pink Adobe, church, walking around Santa Fe to look at all the farolitos, smell the luminaria pinon fires, and sing Christmas carols at my Godparents' house in a fabulous old adobe courtyard. Have I mentioned I love Christmas???
  • Food. So many wonderful tastes and smells. My grandmother's recipe for Christmas cookies is fabulous, and Christmas wouldn't be Christmas at our house without chocolate yule logs.


Happy Turkey Day!

I'm back from Texas, where it was obscenely warm (85 degrees on Sunday!) Had a great time seeing friends and hanging out with the BF.

I did get a lot of relaxing in. Read half of the Julie and Julia, which is fantastic. Makes me want to cook all the time. Also got some knitting in. I finished three mini sweater ornaments from the pattern in Last Minute Knitted Gifts- they take about an hour each and use up scrap yarn- yay! Worked on a retro rib sock and a scarf and that's about it. Pictures maybe someday?

Now it's crunch time. Posting will be light for the next 2 weeks. I'll try to pop in if anything interesting happens, which it won't, because this is finals season. Whee! Finals!


Startitis has set in.

See Sunday Undies's Calendar of Death for an explanation of why. Except that I haven't started reading yet, and I don't anticipate doing so until December 3 because I have YET ANOTHER section of my law review note due December 2. My calendar of death looks something like:
Nov 21-27: Veg and knit. Hang out with BF in TX, drink margaritas.
Nov 28-Dec 2: Crank out 25+ pages of research paper for law review note, edit (read complete overhaul) existing 20 pages of a different section.
Dec 2-6: Panic about Evidence
December 6: Turn 29. (GAAAH! I'm almost 30!!!!!)
Dec 6-7: Panic about Constitutional Law
Dec 8: Take Evidence exam, hope for the best.
Dec 9-10: Finish panicking about Constitutional Law
Dec. 11-12: Panic about Civil Procedure II
Dec. 13: Take Con law exam, hope for something other than the worst.
Dec 14: Finish panicking about Civ Pro II
Dec 15: Take Civ Pro II exam, hope I can still spell my name.
Dec 16: Lay on couch and drool.

In KNITTING NEWS, I finished the reindeer thingy. It looks pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. Pictures on December 26.

I started a pair of socks with my Plain and Fancy Sheep and Wool in minty green- this stuff is AMAZING. I found out that they specialize in merino sheep- so it's soft, single ply merino handspun sport weight sock yarn. MMMMMMM. I'm making the retro rib socks from that issue of IK, adjusted for sport weight yarn. (Alison at the Blue Blog did these adjustments in her April 10 entry- THANKS, ALISON!)

I also started River from the latest Rowan in orange kidsilk haze, BUT had to rip it out in row 4. (Ouch. Ripping mohair sucks.) So. I might not cast back on for this. The pattern isn't that complicated, but I still managed to screw it up less than 3 rows in. Maybe this one will sit in the knitting basket for a while.


New Kid On The Blog!

Trial is over. WHEW! We won, which feels really good.

In more important news:

Rebecca from our KnitNight has started blogging!!! Go say HELLO!


Bored pets:


Well, DUH.

You Should Get a JD (Juris Doctor)

You're logical, driven, and ruthless.
You'd make a mighty fine lawyer.

At least my student loans are going toward the right degree. I'd hate to find out halfway through law school that I should have gotten an engineering degree!


New Yarn!

Just one ball.

The Schaffer Anne my sock pal gave me was so spectacular that I got this one to keep it company. (Shut up, I exchanged other yarn that was left over from another project for this!)
I might actually combine the two skeins of Anne for a pair of socks like THESE. But I might also make two pairs of socks!

By the way, Sock Pal of Mine, I LOVE MY SOCKS. They are so soft, so perfectly fitted... And they're thin enough for me to wear with my Dansko clogs, which means they're getting worn A LOT. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.



So my boyfriend's best friend knows Vickie Howell, hostess of Knitty Gritty on the DIY network.

Apparently this came up while boyfriend and said friend were discussing possible career paths for the boyfriend. He assures me he's not thinking of becoming a TV Knit Show hostess.

Whew! Although, he'd be really good at it.


Actual Knitting Content!

I have been knitting a LITTLE bit.

I can't tell you about this, other than that it's about 15" long and is obviously Christmas-oriented.

Wrist warmers for Mom. Her arthritis is really bad. These will go from about 3" below the wrist to her knuckles, with a fitted thumb. Debbie Bliss Baby Cahsmerino. MMMMMM.

Several projects are in the wings, panting to be cast on. Probably a pair of socks for me, either Birch (though I'd have to buy yarn) or River (have yarn). I still haven't ripped out the hourglass sweater. I might carry on with that- though I am still worried aboout the shrinking length.

You can definitely expect another massive period of productivity/startitis during finals. Helps me manage my stress! Better than doing drugs!

Is it just me, or does this sound weird?

I love Patagonia- cool company, cool clothes.

But their "Change Your Underwear for Good" program just sounds weird to me:

"For the past 20 years, Patagonia Capilene(R) base layers have
accompanied hundreds of thousands of outdoor enthusiasts on countless
adventures. When your garment has made its last trip, give it back to
us. Through the ECOCIRCLE(TM) fiber-to-fiber recycling system, your
old favorite will be turned into fiber for new garments."

I guess it makes sense, but the thought of some guy's ratty old underwear becoming my underwear is not particularly attractive...

You can learn more about this program here.


Looks like fall... When will it feel like fall???

It looks like fall outside, in spite of the string of 70+ degree days we've had...

According to the Weather Channel, we're finally about to dip in to more normal weather for November- upper 50s/lower 60s. It's about *@&#$(& time!


It's Official!!!

I've accepted a summer job. WOOOHOOOOOOO! It feels really good to have that handled. I'm going to be working for THESE people (the law firm with the sense of humor) and I am THRILLED.

I start May 30, which gives me quite a while between my last final and starting work. A great friend is getting married in Austin on May 20 and I'm in the wedding, so I think I'll have a lovely Texas break!

I am SO relieved that this is done.

OH YEAH- I also spent this morning writing some posts, so I'll be around more than expected over the next week. Blogging is WAY MORE FUN than law review. Just sayin.



Hey gang! Sorry to be so MIA. Posting will be intermittent at best until after Thanksgiving. I'll try to pop in with something if anything comes up.

EDITED 11/12: Instead of starting my law review article, I wrote up several posts, so I'll be here more often than anticipated! YAY!


Evidence and Trial Practice

I'm taking a REALLY FANTASTIC class called evidence and trial practice- the class is designed to teach us how to run a trial from start to finish without embarrassing ourselves or experimenting on real clients in the real world.

Part of the course is a mock trial, which we're doing on November 19. I know which witnesses I need to direct and cross, how my story fits together, all that jazz. It should be a lot of fun.

Our opposing counsel is driving us nuts. They're trying to exclude some evidence that is key to BOTH sides. So that's adding a lot of extra work- they're drafting a motion to exclude the evidence, so we'll need to write a response, along with a brief in support of our response complete with case law and stuff. As if I have a ton of free time to do this in...

Part of what's intimidating about the trial is real judges will be participating. Our judge is one of the Justices on the New Mexico Supreme Court. Uh, YIKES! This will be fascinating, but intimidating. I don't care about winning, I just don't want to look like an IDIOT.

Anyway, I'm consumed with trial prep right now. And with my law review note, 25 pages of which are due 3 days before the trial. Happy happy joy joy! AND an application for a spring semester internship with one of our federal judges due three days before the law review note. Yeah, no time pressure here!


Fall Weather

The trees here are changing colors, despite the freakishly warm weather we're having. Where is fall? Cold? Crisp? Not here. It was actually muggy on Thursday evening. Whattup with that?!?!

I'm in holiday knitting mode, and can't share two projects because the recipients will probably know exactly what the items are and therefore who they're intended for. Sorry! Not real exciting around here. But I'll have at least one really cool thing to show you on December 26!!!

I'm working on fair isle again. Going pretty well. Still pulling the stranded yarn a little too tight, but it's getting better. I'm using Dale of Norway Heilo yarn. I can totally see how a steek would hold together out of this yarn- it's like velcro. This yarn has a very different texture than the Brown Sheep Sport Weight I used on Mom's mittens- the Dale is much more Norweigian and rustic, thicker even though they're the same gauge, and a rougher texture, but still really pleasant to work with.

Finally found a copy of Rowan 36, the issue with Birch. I bought it because there's a super cute polka dot sweater made of 4-ply yarn, which I have a TON of. But... intarsia polka dots? Notsosure.

Nothing else to report- will hopefully get some pics of the gorgeous trees along Montano to share- bright yellow and gold. Really spectacular. I've been feeling under the weather- sore throat and sorta snuffly- but not rising to the level of being sick. It's ANNOYING.

Oh yeah- if anyone wants to buy a 1999 Lexus RX300 SUV with 125K miles, lemme know. It's white, fully loaded, gorgeous.


Gratuitous Cat Photos

It's been a while since Scooter has made an appearance on the blog.

He has found a new sleeping spot:

But he still likes to crash on piles of clean dark laundry...


iPod Nano Sock

I'm finally posting a picture of my iPod Nano sock...

It's simple, FAST, used up scrap yarn, and is protecting my sparkly new iPod from scratches. YAY!


It's That Time Of Year....

There's no escaping now, it's CRUNCH TIME. The time of year when stress gets the best of me and I grind my teeth in my sleep. Also clenching my jaws during the day. There's just a LOT to do, and not a lot of time to do it in! Deadlines are looming!

In the next 3 weeks, I have the following to do:
  • A complete mock trial, representing an insurance company defending against a claim... The guy making the insurance claim torched his company so he could collect the insurance money.
  • Find jurors and witnesses for the trial.
  • Put together my arguments, prepare for examination of witnesses, develope visual aids and exhibits.
  • Pretrial conference where we decide how easy or how hard getting evidence admitted will be.
  • Law review stuff. There's a lot.
  • Checking 2 or 3 articles' worth of citations. BORING and work-intensive, but necessary nonetheless.
  • Research and write 25 pages of background on Rule 23, relating to class actions, complete with footnotes.
  • Find and read a ton of cases on Rule 23, synthesize what they say, and incorporate in to my background.
  • Revise my existing 25 pages of the Court's rationale- requires a lot more research, major revamping of what I've written.
  • Research and start 25 pages of analysis. This one is a bear. Fortunately, not due till December 2.

And that doesn't include normal school work, stuff for work, or sleep. Oy.

At least I've gotten down the main chunks of stuff to do. That makes it a little less scary.


Julie Powell Rocks My World

Waaaay back in 2002, I somehow stumbled across The Julie/Julia Project, an early blog about a NY government worker named Julie Powell who had decided to cook every recipe in Julia Child's classic, "Mastering The Art of French Cooking" in one year. A formidable task.

Julie blogged her adventures for all the world to see, and after God knows how many pounds of butter, she accomplished her goal. I think Julie Powell has an amazing writing voice. Her posts are so vivid that I felt like I was there, in her tiny outer-borough kithen, at 3 in the morning when the @*#&$^! souffle wouldn't rise. You can just feel the mania and panic this woman experienced! I HIGHLY recommend clicking your way through all the posts some time when you need some entertainment- I don't know when I've ever laughed so hard.

Well, Julie got herself a book deal out of the blog, which she absolutely deserved. And I have in my hot little hands a brand new copy of the book.

The problem? I can't bring myself to open it. I'm afraid that the fabulous, honest, psycho Julie voice from the blog has been finnessed away by the no doubt excellent editing staff over at Little & Brown.

When I overcome this irrational impediment, I'll be sure to let you know what I think. In the mean time, I'm curling up with my other favorite blogger-turned-author, Stephanie Pearl Mc-Phee, aka The Yarn Harlot's new bookbookbook. It's FABULOUS.


Finished Misty Garden

I finished my Misty Garden this weekend! I love it, but I think this one will probably be a gift....

Pattern: Misty Garden from Scarf Style
Yarn: Painted Xian by Textiles a Manos: 50/50 Silk/Merino blend. 1 skein (~250 yards?)
Needles: Susan Bates Aluminum size 8s.
Verdict: Love it!

A couple more views:


WIPs and my Halloween Costume

Finally- Pictures!

Here's the Misty Garden scarf in progress from Scarf Style-

The colors are pretty accurate- it's not as lavendary as I originally thought, which is a good thing. I like the bright orangey pink thing. Wish there was a bit more red, but oh well!

And the first finished Flora:

This one turned out really well. The flower is too floppy (my fault- knit it too loose). I've got a couple ideas on how to make it work. The yellow flower button is temporary- Mom wants something off white- but you get the idea. This is a great pattern.

Other than that, nothing to report. Today is going to be a long day- school, work, school, work, happy hour/goodbye party for a coworker moving to Vermont, then a memorial service for a classmate who passed away last week.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. The Law School Halloween party was last weekend, and it was a blast. My favorite costumes were Law School Barbie and Cruella DeVille. I went as Miss Texas- worked my accent to the max- and had a really good time. Meg, this is for you:


a new obsession

i love my new ipod nano! it's all i can think about! deep thoughts that have occurred since opening the package (in no particular order):

  • it's so small! so sleek!
  • i should knit it a cozy! (done- it's so small! went so fast!)
  • my music sounds so much better on shuffle!
  • i need to buy more cds.
  • i need to figure out how to read con law and listen to they might be giants at the same time (songs with words and cases with words don't work so well for me...)
  • i wish i could give c a big thank you smackeroo!
  • i've wasted an entire evening of homework time farting around with my new shiny toy and will therefore be totally unprepared for tomorrow's con law class. YAY!
  • i should learn more about podcasts. so i can listen to them in all my vast amount of free time. yeah.
  • holy crap, i didn't know i had that madonna album. yikes.
  • i'm going to have to be careful to ensure that i don't sing along outloud while listening, especially at work or in the library. that would be, like, really embarrassing and stuff. it's bad enough that i do it in the car. and i'm loud. must work on using my inside voice while accompanying barenaked ladies....


Holeee Crap

I got a package in the mail today. I haven't ordered anything recently, so I was suprised.

Inside was an iPod Nano 4G. I can't load pictures right now for some reason, but you know what it looks like so who needs one?

And the back is inscribed. Very lovely.

Wowza. He's pretty darn special, if I do say so myself.

Thank you, Mr. C! I love you too!

Knit Knit Knit Con law Knit

Saturday was absolutely gorgeous. Meg and Rebecca and I met up at the Zoo for a little al fresco knitting. It was perfect! We'll have to do it again with more notice so more people can join us. It was cool.

I started another scarf- have I told you this already? I'm using the Textiles A Manos painted Xian I got over the summer to make the Misty Garden scarf from Scarf Style. I like this pattern- basic feather and fan- because every 4th row is knitted instead of purled- just enough garter to make the scarf lie flat, unlike the chevron scarf in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. And the yarn is gorgeous. Yeah, yeah, pictures. If I ever get home before dark, I'll take some.

There are some nifty new knitalongs.... I'm thinking of joining Stashbusters, since I am drowning in yarn. And there's an International Scarf Exchange that looks kinda cool. I've realized that my knitting time is too unpredictable for me to really commit to making something for someone else on a deadline, so I will probably pass. But it looks cool!

Did I mention that my SockaPalTwoZa pal, Danielle, owns Knitique, a yarn boutique in Sacramento? HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!? If anyone is in the area, stop by, spend some money, and tell her I said hello!!! I should get my hiney to CA to visit my brother in Pasadena, a college girlfriend in LA, and Danielle in Sacramento!

It must be time for bed because I'm using so many freaking exclamation points!!!!! Goodnight!


1.5 Floras

Well, I knit like mad again this weekend. I finished one flora and completed the scarf part of a second flora. The first has already been claimed by Mom- it just needs a button. The second is probably for me...

Kate Kuckro, author of this fabulous little pattern, put an explanation of the twisted loop stitch up on her blog, and it was REALLY HELPFUL.

This is a great pattern- I see at least one more of these in my future... It's fast, cute, great stashbuster- good gift material. And in case you haven't noticed, there are only 68 days until Christmas (scroll down.) I think it might be time for a support call to 1-877-SOS-KNIT.



I got my SockaPalTwoZa Socks today!!!! Thank you Danielle!!!


The yarn is ArtYarns in a pattern by a designer from Danielle's area- Diamante is the pattern name. It is FABULOUSLY lacy. I tried to knit myself a pair of lace socks once and failed so miserably I had to throw them away. Danielle, I will treasure these.

And, KC approves:

Poor Danielle finished the socks on time, but one escaped to a hiding spot behind a hotel room bed during her sister's 9/17 wedding- she had to know a WHOLE OTHER SOCK! What a trooper! And if that wasn't enough, she sacrificed and sent this GORGEOUS HANK of Schaffer Anne sock yarn. I don't deserve such goodness...

Danielle, THANK YOU. My handknit sock collection has just doubled from one pair to two, and I LOVE THESE. Can I use any more CAPITAL LETTERS or EXCLAMATION POINTS? I DON'T THINK SO!!!!!



This has already been a really hectic week. I've got a few minutes of down time and am REALLY enjoying it. This won't last long- 5:00 today at the latest. I'm sort of expecting the world to explode again any minute...

Spent some quality time last night, after getting off work at 7:00, with my ball winder and swift. I wound up the incredible Pima Cotton I got at Good Fibrations this summer and the (no picture) beautiful Painted Xian 50/50 wool silk in pinks/reds/oranges from Textiles A Manos. Yummy. I am so sad they weren't at the Taos Wool Festival- I was ready to blow more cash there. Ah well.

I cast on for Flora last night. I'm using the incredible pima cotton yarn. It's like knitting a cloud with a cloud. The yarn is really loosely spun (if spun at all) organic pima cotton wrapped with a really fine thread to hold it all together. Interesting construction. Creamy white. Lousy stitch definition, but that doesn't matter for this project, so I don't care. It. Is. So. SOOOOOFT.

Not sure yet what the Xian is going to be when it grows up...


What I Did On My Fall Break


(Ok, so this was actually done before fall break, but I never got around to showing you my ruffle scarf!!!)


Yup, finished Mom's mittens, and they're not as bad as I expected....


Yup, I reknit all the *@&#O&@ trim on the sweater-formerly-known-as-the-biker-jacket. It's still not right, but it's better. Still needs some work.


My law school friend Katie had her first baby today- Welcome Thomas! I made an itty bitty hat to keep his itty bitty head warm. I hope he likes it. Mom and Baby are doing well. Yay! The hat is Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, basic pattern from Ann Budd's Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns, with the heart chart from Knitty's CheesyLove sweater. Love it.

It is AMAZING how much knitting I can get done when I don't have to read 100 pages of material every night! I did do some school work- got caught up in one class, which was much needed.



Just got an e-mail from the Queen of SockaPalTwoZa- apparently my socks are finished.... Hopefully they're actually on their way...

I have been checking the mail box every day in hopes of a sock-filled package... It's getting cold here and I REALLY wanta a pair!


Saturday Funnies.

I've been seeing posts about 1-877-S0S-KNIT on other people's websites, and I finally got around to calling today.

Stop whatever you are doing, and call now. This is very very funny stuff.

Mr. C., call and press 3. Do it now, and follow the instructions from the voice on the other end of the phone.


AY Carumba

Did I mention that I got outed as a knit blogger during one of my job interviews? It seems like it was an accident, but the net result is that these people know about- and have visited- this blog. And they still decided to make me an offer! Whew! It was actually pretty funny. The Chair of the Recruiting Committee called last night and said, "Hi Jenny, this is So and So from Such and Such Law Firm. I wanted to know what you're going to do about those mittens..." I LOVE that these people have a sense of humor. Even if I feel like a big dork.

Anyway, I finished the body of Mom's spastic mitten last night, and am hoping to get the thumb done today. The second mitten isn't as big as feared, and they actually look identical when she has them on. I don't want these to be the mittens only a mother could love, but she insists they're fine and refuses to let me rip and reknit...

I went stashdiving last night to figure out what to work on next. My best law school buddy is due with her first child TODAY, and I have 3 balls of beautiful blue Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino laying around. I was going to make socks for me, but I might make something for the babe. Unless the babe is a girl, in which case I'll dig out something a little more feminine...
I also pulled out my pink/red/orange variegated Painted Xian from Textiles A Manos- it's a DK weight 50/50 silk/wool blend. My LORD, this stuff is amazing. I'm thinking about making Flora out of the Xian held with a strand of Rowan Kidsilk Haze that I bought in a fabulous shade of orange... That sill leaves me a ball of the Kisilk Crack, I mean Haze, to make a long Airy Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts....



Another one bites the dust....

I finished the alpaca ruffly scarf tonight. I washed it and it's now in the process of drying. The scarf is made out of 3 balls of Misti Alpaca Worsted in a fabulous plummy color. When it hit the water, the yarn really bloomed- much fuzzier and softer. Can't wait to see what it looks like when dried!

Pictures tomorrow!

That means I'm down to 3 projects:
  • Mom's spastic fair isle mittens. These are up next--plan is to finish the gargantuan second mitten, see how bad it looks next to the first mitten, then reknit the first mitten. Sigh.
  • The Hourglass Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Pakucho Organic Cotton. Really soft, I'll probably love it, but what if it shrinks all wrong in the length? I'm thinking about ripping this...
  • My Biker Jacket. I ripped the zipper and all the trip off during my spring semester finals because it looked like crap and I was never going to wear it. So now I need to figure out what to do to make this wearable... this might be up after the mittens....


Finally Final Finished Object!

While we were in Taos, Meg asked whatever happened to my Mitered Square Rug....

I felt so bad about abandoning it all those months ago that I pulled it out, finished weaving in all the 8,234 ends, and single-crocheted a border. It's still a little lumpy, but I like it!

Best part? It's DONE!

This has sparked a surpising bout of monogamous knitting- must be because it feels so good to finish something... I'm about a third of a ball of yarn away from finishing my ruffle scarf...


You Know You're Getting Old When....

When I was in high school, there were several days where I would look down and realize that everything I was wearing came from the Gap. Mostly sale rack purchases, natch, but all from the Gap, head to toe.

I've had the same realizations several days recently, except everything I'm wearing is from Ann Taylor. Again, mostly sale items, but head to toe Ann Taylor.

It's a weird feeling.

I wonder what my store of choice will be in another 12 years?



Still no sign of the sockapaltwoza socks. I hope everything is OK there...

I have "Video Killed the Radio Star" stuck in my head. It's been there since Friday morning.

Job interviews are going well.

It's FALL! We've had cool, rainy weather all day. YAY, FALL.


Balloon Fiesta is Cool

The Balloon Fiesta is going on this week. Today's weather is overcast with low clouds. I really enjoyed my drive to school, watching a gigantic pink pig-shaped balloon dipping in and out of the fog.... Only in New Mexico!


Ah, Taos.

Knitter's Review has a great summary of the Taos Wool Festival. It really was good. Next trip, I have to check out La Lana Wools. I would add Taos Sunflower Yarns to her list of yarn stores- fantastic shop.

That's all I have time for today, folks!


Brain Cramp

I was going to post sheepy/goatey/angora rabbity/alpacay pictures today, but really, who cares?

I have a massive headache. Allergies? Job interview process? Weaving in ends on my STILL UNFINISHED mitred square rug? (Will be finished this week- watch for it!)

But I have fabulous yarny goodness surrounding me, so maybe I'll take an aspirin and weave in a few more ends on that *@&#^(#! rug....


Taos Wool Festival, Part II: Yarny Goodness.

Meg and I had a fantastic time at the Taos Wool Festival. We left Albuquerque Friday night after a wonderful Chinese meal and drove up to Taos. We stayed at the Kachina Best Western Inn, which was pretty cool. Very vintage, pretty grounds, but paper thin walks. Fortunatly our neighbors were NOT feeling frisky...

We woke up early Saturday morning, primped, and headed to Michael's Kitchen for breakfast. MMMM. Love Michael's. We strolled in to Kit Carson Park right as the vendors opened up.

And it's a good thing we did, because Brooks Fiber was PACKED, and looked like it had been looted by our second visit around 11:00.

Looking around the booth, you can see why:

Yeah. I got some stuff here. Most of it was even on SALE. Lawd, I love this stuff.

I also spent a lot at Carol Mullen's. She's retiring, so you can't get any more! It's really a shame- she has fantastic color sense. Her booth also looked like it had been raided, and you would NOT believe the lines to get in... She had Mountain Colors hanging on the walls...

And her own stuff on the table. YUMMY.

Lezlie King, who I rapsodized about after seeing her stuff at the Fiber Fiesta, was there with her fabulous natural color dyed yarns.

I didn't even get pictures of the place where I bought gorgeous hand dyed sport weight sock yarn! Like these other booths, they were a mob scene.

Galina Khmeleva of Skaska Designs had absolutely stunning lace and lace weight yarns. Serious lace- like thinner than dental floss, and lots of size 0000 knitting needles. I am convinced that this booth inspires the most awestruck cussing of any thing I have ever seen. It's impressive.

I didn't make it back to Interlacements, which makes me sad. They were right next to the Vortex otherwise known as Brooks Fiber.

Part of what makes Taos so wonderful is that it's mostly small, independent animal growers, spinners, and color artists. There were some fabulous, fabulous one of a kind items there. There was also a lot of really horrible, horrible felted stuff. Not my style at all. No offense to those who dig it, but there's some BAD felting happening in this world right now. Yikes.

All in all, this was a fabulous show, and I'm planning on going back next year. I will definitely go up the night before, because otherwise you miss all the good stuff at the great vendors, like Brooks. It was pretty picked over by noon.


Taos Wool Festival, Part I: The Haul

Oh good Lord. I blew my wad of cash three times over at Taos, and it was worth every single penny. I'm fondling my purchases and am dreaming of what to make of each treasure.

For the first time ever, my stash enhancement requires a knitting section and a spinning section.

Here's an overview (click to make bigger, and ignore the Constitutional Law book lurking ominously in the upper right corner....):

Knitting Goodies:

Starting in the Top Right, then going clockwise:
  • Knitting Vintage Socks: New Twists on Classic Patterns, by Nancy Bush. First purchase of the day.
  • 2 skeins (1000 yards) of Brooks Farm Primero 100% Kid Mohair in fabulous browns and blues. Like buttah. AND it was on SALE. Booyeah!
  • 1 skein (500 yards) of Brooks Farm Duet 55% Kid Mohair and 45% Fine Wool in amazing shades of red.
  • A handknit hat in shades of Teal from Carol Mullen, who, sadly for the fiber world, is retiring this year.
  • Two skeins (~500 yards) of heavy worsted wool in oranges and blues. Really spectactular stuff.
  • Two Skeins (400 yards each) of Plain & Fancy Sheep & Wool Co. Single Sport, which will become two fabulous pairs of socks. One is a lovely minty green and the other is peach/orange/yellow sherberty colored.

And now for the spinning haul:

Starting with the big red blob and working down clockwise:
  • A ton of Carol Mullen's handdyed Corriedale Roving, and it was CHEAP.
  • A walnut niddy noddy from Magpie Wood Works. Holy cow, this guy is amazing. The wood is so. SOFT.
  • A mid-whorl walnut spindle, also from Magpie Wood Works. I went to visit this spindle four times before I finally broke down and bought it. The wood is so soft- it's absolutely amazing. And it makes me feel like I can spin!
  • An ounce of white angora rabbit roving- ha! I can't even pretend like I'll ever be able to spin this.
  • The white blob is about 3/4 of an ounce of plain white corriedale roving from a sheep named "Nicholas." The first roving I bought, and when I bought it I honestly thought it would be the only roving I was going to buy. HA. I am absolutely in love with Nicholas- the wool makes me feel like I actually have a chance at spinning- the fibers slide and move and spin up the way it seems like they're supposed to. I should call this vendor and buy up the rest of Nicholas's bounty!!!!
  • Last but not least, a ton of roving from Fiber Fanatic (Laura Easterling). The colorway is "Crayola" and it is actually brighter in person than in the picture. I know. Scary.

Yes, friends, it was a very, very good day in Taos.