All The News That's Fit To Print

Bad news: my pants are too tight.
Good news: the next size up is still huge. Whew!

The rest is all good news:

  • I *almost* am done with my Christmas shopping- just my baby brother left to buy for, and I know what I'm getting him and where to get it.
  • A dear law school friend wants to go to Cabo San Lucas for spring break. Her Mom has a timeshare there. Um, YES.
  • It's time! Christmas! I can now start doing fun things like wrapping presents and relaxing a little! YAY.


meg said...

The pants will get looser, so need to get a larger size. Just...you know...don't eat everything in sight. (Like I am doing right now!)

So glad that you are all done and able to relax. See you tomorrow!

jen said...

Ah, the post-finals pants too tight problem. It will go away in like a week I'm sure.

Marie-france said...

I just want to wish you a merry Christmas and to tell you that I love the socks you knitted for me earlier in the year. I wear them all the time. Thanks again.