Birthday Goodness and a MEME!

First off, what a FABULOUS birthday! Highlights were lunch with Meg, flowers, and fabulous dinner with my family.

Meg is brilliant. My present was a whole sweater's worth of recycled CASHMERE yarn. How WONDERFUL?!?!?

According to my McMorran Yarn Balance, it's about 1000 yards of light worsted wieght fabulousness. What should I make with it? It's not quite enough for a sweater on it's own... I'm thinking maybe a raglan with different colored sleeves? Or I could make a sweater and stripe it with something else...

This is such a fabulous gift. First, it's totally Meg- a wonderful thrift store find. Second, it's totally me. Baby blue cashmere? HELLO? AND, it's totally our mutual fiber obsession. I can't imagine a more perfect gift.

Except for these:

Gorgeous tulips from the BF. I love tulips. I love the BF!

AND, I've been TAGGED for a MEME by none other than Scout!

So, I have 2 knitting spots. One is in the living room, where I sit on the couch (not usually covered in the Christmas quilt, but it's December...)

From this spot, I can chat with Mom in her blue chair and watch TV.

The other spot is in my room, in my comfy chair.

My basket of projects and VIP stash is under the table.

From here, I can see my currently very messy room and Scooter as he stalks me.

I'm tagging: Meg, Rebecca, Froggy, Jeannie, and Beverly.


Scoutj said...

Ooooh! I love it! Thanks for playing. Now we can nag the others and make 'em do it too.

Chris said...

Your spots look very comfy!