How do YOU deal with stress?

Two down, one to go. 48 hours and counting. Almost there...

Aside from the obvious coping mechanisms(eating, procrastinating, knitting), When I get REALLY STRESSED, I rewrite the lyrics to well-known songs. Sometimes it's nursery rhyme songs, like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, sometimes it's old Beatles tunes... Something where people know the tune because I usually send an e-mail to someone saying: "To the tune of..." and include the lyrics. Gets a laugh and a "you're nuts" every time!

If the song lyrics don't work, I write really bad poetry. Usually Haiku. Although for a while I specialized in Sonnets about the hideous woman I worked for at my last job before law school. She was quite the muse, let me tell you. And I got really strict on the formal rules- thematic rules, rhyme schemes, iambic pentameter... Kinda fun, actually, trying to force my frustration into a very formal structure- helped me get out of "oh poor me" mode and laugh at the situation.

Edited to add: Things haven't even progressed to the song lyric phase this exam period! Though I thought about if for a minute this morning...

This is PROGRESS, people!

Edited again to add: Oh yeah, I ripped out that sock. The lovely green fabulous one a few posts back. I screwed up the gusset decreases, then tried to rip out a few rows, had trouble getting the stitches back on the needle. Then I realized that I didn't like the fabric- working on too big a needle- and despite the fact that they fit perfectly, I wasn't going to be happy with the floppy fabric. Oh well. It was the right decision. But now I can't knit socks till my size 3s are free again!


Beverly said...

Almost there, Jenny, almost there! I have my last paper due tonight...so after I read all my favorite blogs, I'm going to finish it right up. Love your song lyric de-stressor!

Rebecca said...

Hang in there Jenny, we're thinking of you.

I have made a start on the Misty Garden scarf and absolutely love it.I think I'll be knitting quite a few more of them for presents - YaY!