Hussie... Hoochie... HARLOT

Yep, we got the YARN HARLOT live and in person tonight. YAY!

She recognized my yarn as Koigu even before she looked at me... Truly a kindred spirit. If the Harlot comes to a town near you, GO. Don't think twice- she is kind, wondeful, funny, and completely totally down to earth.

Thanks, Stephanie! You made my day!


I got plenty of nothin...

It's hot.

No knitting.

Hence no photos.

Working a lot.

Verbal job=non-verbal activities when not at job.

Hence no posts.

Wedding planning.

Shockingly expensive.

Hence no yarnageddon style stash acquisition, despite nice lawyerly paycheck.

Also, trying not to buy dress that makes me look like (1) 12 year old, or (2) hooker.

Harder than seems.

Hence, cranky with saleswoman who tried to talk me into designing my own frankendress last weekend.

Good times!


Sorry, Charlie....

I just have to disagree with Scout on this one... I LOVE THIS WEATHER. It's simply fabulous. Hasn't topped 85, nice cloudcover (sun gets oppressive) and the soft rolling thunder and mellow rain last night was a perfect, perfect lullaby. The great thing about living in New Mexico is that you really only get days like this once every three or four months at most- so you can really enjoy it!

AND.... it's good knitting weather. I only got a few rows in on my Green Gable, but it counts. YAY!

In other news, we have a wedding date, a church, and a reception site! WOOHOOOOOOO!