Picture of Knit night!

Nepenthe has put up a pic of our hard core groupies! Yay! I look like a total fruitcake in that picture. Yes, finals suck.

And she is too kind about my help with the sock. I'm the one who put her smack dab in the middle of the quagmire in the first place- sent her happily down the sock trail with a pattern for short row heel. Um, I don't have a *@$#@# clue how to do short rows, much less in heel form. Great friend I am! I'm so glad she figured it out!

And yes, I finished the ribbed hat for my nephew last night. That was 2 days. And I'm starting on the one for his dad. Photos... eventually.

Last final is TODAY at 1:30. All I have to say is....


Revised bobble opinion

So there's a woman who comes to our knit night that has amazing cabled sweaters (all purchased, alas, but she's getting there...) Tonight's sweater had... bobbles. Now, on HER, they looked ok. But they were sparse and off to the side. No chance of looking like misplaced nipples. So I'm revising my opinion. Like N said in her comment to the last post- bobbles aren't all bad, I just don't want any on ME.

Knit night was good. N began to turn her first heel. I think she's hooked. SO SORRY I was worthless on the short row heels! N also brought her camera and took a picture of the small group tonight- watch for it on her blog!

I'm in a fog. Still haven't gotten much done for torts. And yet, here I am, AGAIN....

Bobbles- what the....?

I'm looking at the tea cozy. Natch. What else would I be doing-- studying for torts? Bah!

I don't get bobbles. I think they look silly. I don't understand the allure. The ONLY thing I have ever liked that had bobbles was a nifty poncho my 8 year old cousin wore when she was here. It was bright red and had little white bobbles scattered over it. Really cute. FOR AN 8 YEAR OLD. I just can't see myself wearing anything with bobbles. Yikes.


YAY! 3 FGs!


First up is the brother scarf. I found the pattern (and got the yarn idea) from Creazativity. I used 3 balls of Lion Brand Landscapes, and ya know what, I think it's great. So there.

Next up are the socks for the Texas beau! I think these turned out great. I hope he likes them.

Finally, the tea cozy from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. It ain't cashmere, as the pattern calls for, but it's still lovely. I used some Brown Sheep worsted superwash that was in the stash. YAY!

Finals are going really, really well. I freaked out yesterday about crim, but I feel like it went really, really well today. And it's OVER! Torts on Thursday is all that's left. As The Little Engine that Could used to say... "I think I can...I think I can... I think I can...."

Almost there....


YIKES! Finals!

One down, 3 more to go. I actually feel REALLY good about my contracts exam yesterday.

I keep thinking I should take the time to share some deep thoughts with you. Not today.

Knitting progress-pictures eventually, I promise.

I finished a really cute tea cozy for my friend K for Christmas. Pattern was in Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

I ran out of yarn on the manly socks! Damn! I still have 3 inches to go, too. Guess I'd better go buy another ball...

Am 2/3 of the way done with the Herringbone scarf for my bro...

That's it! See you in a week when I am DONE with finals!


Knitting is the best procrastination...

Classes ended Tuesday. WOOHOO! So Wednesday was Jenny's day of hair- got highlights and a haircut. I go to different people for each, and they both HATE it. Hehehe. Anyway, had to go to Santa Fe for the cut and I FINALLY got 2 extra balls of DB Cashmerino Aran in off white for the Cherry scarf. Hurray!

Dad called with some exciting news today- he is marrying his girlfriend of 6 years, which is GREAT. She is an amazing woman and frankly, I'm amazed it too him this long to get his act together.

My birthday is Monday. YAY! My friend Katie threw a little birthday/end of school party last night- we had a slumber party! It was pretty darn fun. Pizza, wine, manincures, and 80s John Hughes movies.

What with finals approaching at an alarming rate, I'm doing suprisingly little studying and suprisingly lots of knitting. I turned the hell (doh! I mean heel!) on the second boy sock. I knit a few inches on the cherry scarf. I'm still plugging away on the tea cozy and scarf gifts. Criminal Law? bah! Contracts? Whatever! Torts? Who cares?!?!?

Um, I care. I guess I should get to work...