Stripey Watermelon Socks

I finished my stripey socks over the weekend.... Another pair of wool socks just as the weather here starts to heat up. It was almost 80 here today!!!

Yarn: Knitterly Things Vesper Sock Yarn, Aquamelon, purchased at kpixie.com. I think this is one of the original skiens back from when Julia was dying with kool-aid. The colors, while certainly vivid, are not quite as vibrant as the more recent colorways....

I love them!


Big Bird Babie Blankie

As promised, though much delayed, here's the big bird baby blankie pictures:

It's made out of 5 balls of Berocco Plush, which is a really soft yarn. Mr. C picked it out- he specifically wanted something fuzzy and cuddly, and this was the one fuzzy novelty yarn I could think of that I wouldn't mind working with again (one of my first knitting projects was a scarf for my mom in the baby blue Plush.) I knit it on size 8 needles, instead of the 10.5 called for because I wanted the fabric to be firm and full- yarns like this knit too loosely can feel stringy and flimsy. The bright yellow and orange made me think of big bird the entire time I was working on the blanket....

The recipient also knits, though not quite as much as I do. :-) She was really happy with the blankie!.


What a LOVEly day

Neither C nor I go in much for Valentine's Day. I do like getting flowers, and we both like to eat, so that's pretty much it.

Yesterday I got a gorgeous bouquet at my office:

Instead of turning on the TV and chatting through commercials, as is our norm, we spent the evening making homemade pasta together. It was so wonderful to stand in our little kitchen, cooking together, talking about life without the noise of the TV to distract us. We drank a bottle of champagne that was an engagement present from a dear friend- it has been in the fridge for 18 months!!! Dinner was good but simple, conversation was fab, and it was a lovely lovely night.

I am so happy to be married to this amazing man.


Flu, knitting, etc.

Sorry for the silence. I got nailed with the flu last week and was down for the count. Finally starting to feel better, but man! this was a nasty bug.

I finished a baby blanket for one of C's friends, and the shower was Sunday. Pics are on my camera, which is at home. Naturally. The blanket turned out really well- it was bright yellow Berocco Plush (fuzzy and soft) with an orange band around the edge. It felt like I was knitting big bird!

I also finished my kusha kusha scarf. It needs some serious blocking, and I'll hopefully get a photo up soon.

Again, sorry to have disappeared. Being sick is NO. FUN.