The Year of One Thousand Babies- Part 2?

2006 has been the year of the Babe... All told, 17 friends are giving birth this year.

2007 is already booking up, too- one of my bridesmaids is going to be 8 and a half months pregnant at the wedding.

Anyone want to make a bet on how many babies 2007 will bring?!?


And we're back.

Kidsilk Haze is on the needles, itchy fingers cured.

I love knitting.


Itchy Fingers!

I am DYING to start a new project... I even have Rowan KidSilkHaze in TWO different colors ready to roll... Now, if only I had a free minute or two....

It's definitely fall, which means KNITTING! That is, knitting as soon as I get my school work under control again... Wish me luck!

This is Bullsh*t

Some of you know that I went to an all-women's college. Today, that college ceased to exist.

It even made CNN.com's front page.

The documents that established Randolph-Macon Woman's College in 1891 contain the following paragraph:

"We wish to establish in Virginia a college where our young women may obtain an education equal to that given in our best colleges for young men and under environments in harmony with the highest ideals of womanhood; where the dignity and strength of fully developed faculties and the charm of the highest literary culture may be acquired by our daughters without loss to woman's crowning glory--her gentleness and grace."

Today the Board of Trustees, guardians of this mission, fiduciaries guiding the college, voted to admit men to the class of 2007.

The decision itself is disappointing, but the manner in which the decision was reached was absolutely appalling. Financial mismanagement, spurious studies of the options, an utter lack of good faith communications with any of the stakeholders involved. Faculty have been threatened, alumnae insulted, and students largely ignored.

Is this my alma mater? I hardly recognize it. So much for leading by example!


Fall fell on a holiday weekend!

It's Labor Day weekend, and fall has officially arrived in New Mexico! It's been in the 60s and 70s, and it feels FABULOUS. I'm wearing hand-knit wool socks (cold in the house) and am dreaming of knitting.

Let's see- which looks like more fun- this?

or this?

Ugh. I'm attempting to plug away on the school work, since doing so this weekend will leave me some evening time to knit. Seriously- whoever said the third year of law school was the easiest was a LIAR.

I do have knitting news, but it ain't good. I finished the koigu socks. One is an inch longer in the foot (knew about that) AND half an inch longer in the leg (DIDN'T know that) than the other... I know I need to re-do the toe on the longer sock. Can I live with the difference in leg length? (Maybe WILL I live with the length difference is the better question to ask....)

We also have wedding news- booked a reception venue and a caterer on Friday- so we also have a DATE! It's fun to see the pieces start falling in to place. If any ABQ/NM brides want to dish about vendors/ideas, let me know! I'll be sure to share any positive experiences I have here....