Well, it's official. I'm sick. I feel like a pile of junk. I still have a lot of work to do for tomorrow.

It's also my Mom's birthday- happy birthday, Mom! I haven't been around for one of her birthdays in years, so it's nice to be in the same city. She's coming over for dinner tonight. I planned a pretty easy meal, and got all the prep work done last night and this afternoon- should be pretty straightforward... I hope.

No knitting news. Knit night was good. I really like this crowd of ladies. I worked a little on the biker jacket and a little on the camo sock. The weather here is cooling down and becoming more fall like- makes me want to fondle yarn and knit up a storm! Alas, my life is filled with law school....



I just spent an hour and a half working out- walked to the gym, lifted weights, stretched, walked home. Feels good now, though I am SURE it will not feel good tomorrow. :-)

You should all go visit Nepenthe. Her encouragement is why I've posted 3 times in the last week. She'll make a regular blogger of me yet! Actually a good number of you readers come here directly from her site, so you know how great she is. The rest of you, go check it out!!!!!

Not much knitting news except that knit night is tomorrow! WOOHOO!

So, when I lived in Austin, I would catch myself driving down the street on a random afternoon thinking to myself, "WOW I love living here." This happened even after 4 years of living there...

I had my first moment like that since moving to ABQ today as I left the gym. It was about 6:30, the light was just right, and I though, "I like living here." And I immediately recognized what I had done and started discounting the statement. "You're dehydrated." "You just worked out pretty hard." "The weather is great, but that's it."

I'm shocked that I thought about how much I like it here because I've spent the last week feeling like I'd be MUCH happier if I was still in Austin. I have been feeling really homesick for my friends.

But I am really enjoying law school, and the friend I have made outside of law school (see Nepenthe, above...), and the weather and the mountains and all that kind of stuff. If I can just get over the fact that everything in Albuquerque is hidden in an ugly strip mall, I just might be able to make a life here......


Pictures! WOW!

Hey! I'm actually going to post some pictures!

First is Scooter modeling the completed back and left front, and partial right front, of my Debbie Bliss biker jacket. I LOOOOVE it so far... I'm using Katia CotoLan, a 50/50 blend of wool and cotton. The yarn is a DK weight, and the pattern called for worsted, so pray for me, will you? So far, I think the adjustments I made are working out fine...

On the swift is some Lorna's Laces in camoflauge that I bought to make Christmas socks for my baby brother. I've started them (no picture, sorry) and I think they're going to turn out great. OH YEAH- I got a swift! I got it at one of my Mom's estate sales. I luuuuuuuuuurv it.

Anyway, not doing much knitting these days. I do love having a weekly knitting shindig. It's great to take some time away from law school.

I LOVE law school, but the work is hard to manage. The professors give us lots and lots of trees, but seeing the forest is entirely up to us. One of the challenges I'm facing right now is trying to find a balance between peparing for class (trees) and organizing/intenralizing the class material (forest). There are only so many hours in a day....

I'm also yearning for the familiar... Part of me is really homesick for Austin. I find homesick to be a very awkward term, since I am home here in New Mexico, where I spent the first 18 years of my life. And the weather and scenery here are undeniably perfect.... I just miss my friends.


Holy cow!

A whole week has passed since I last wrote!

Here's the skinny:
Law school is still nuts.
Knit night rocks.
The sweater is coming along.
I bought Lorna's Laces camoflage sock yarn for my baby brother's Christmas present.

I have pictures, will hopefully post tomorrow.

I'm wearing my Charlotte today and getting tons of compliments- YAY!



Bad, bad blogger.

So. I'm a crappy blogger. I hope you'll forgive me!

With a little prompting from M, I'm updating my blog.
M has organized a lovely knit evening once a week that I know will be a lifesaver for me. I'm not knitting NEARLY as much as I was before, and I miss the meditative zone out time.
It was so great to talk to M on Tuesday night about the women's college experience. Other than the gals I went to school with (and a precious few others), people just don't understand the appeal or the benefits. Perhaps this is a blog post for another time.

I am knitting a little bit, working on Debbie Bliss's Biker Jacket. Pictures when I'm not on a dialup connection. I'm reworking the pattern for a smaller gague, which is a disaster waiting to happen- we'll see how it works out! I'm blindly optimistic at this point...

This law school stuff is insane. I'm trying to figure out how much to write about it here... I've already stumbled acrosss a classmate's blog and he seemed suprised... I will say that socially, law school here is eerily like high school. Lots of cliques. Everyone forced into required classes. Everyone knows everyone else's business.

I do love everything about the program, though. Professors are almost entirely fantastic. The classes are all fascinating.

Had dinner tonight with two really good friends from Austin who are in town for a wedding. It was soooo nice to just sit and chat with old buddies who know my stories. Sigh. I miss my friends!

And that date I mentioned a while back- amazing guy, things are getting a little serious. It's kinda nice. Really nice, actually!

Back to the bad blogger thing- I can't promise much right now, but I will try to write at least once a week.