I just spent an hour and a half working out- walked to the gym, lifted weights, stretched, walked home. Feels good now, though I am SURE it will not feel good tomorrow. :-)

You should all go visit Nepenthe. Her encouragement is why I've posted 3 times in the last week. She'll make a regular blogger of me yet! Actually a good number of you readers come here directly from her site, so you know how great she is. The rest of you, go check it out!!!!!

Not much knitting news except that knit night is tomorrow! WOOHOO!

So, when I lived in Austin, I would catch myself driving down the street on a random afternoon thinking to myself, "WOW I love living here." This happened even after 4 years of living there...

I had my first moment like that since moving to ABQ today as I left the gym. It was about 6:30, the light was just right, and I though, "I like living here." And I immediately recognized what I had done and started discounting the statement. "You're dehydrated." "You just worked out pretty hard." "The weather is great, but that's it."

I'm shocked that I thought about how much I like it here because I've spent the last week feeling like I'd be MUCH happier if I was still in Austin. I have been feeling really homesick for my friends.

But I am really enjoying law school, and the friend I have made outside of law school (see Nepenthe, above...), and the weather and the mountains and all that kind of stuff. If I can just get over the fact that everything in Albuquerque is hidden in an ugly strip mall, I just might be able to make a life here......

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