I survived the bar exam. Damn near had a heart attack on essay day, but managed to live to tell the tale. I know I missed a few things on the essays, and that I fudged answers to a couple of the procedure and evidence questions, but all in all, I feel good. Optimistic even. Too bad I have 93 days until I get the results. Ugh.

Mr. C took me out to dinner on Thursday night, and it was wonderful. Nothing too fancy, just the two of us getting a chance to reconnect after weeks of me being holed up in my office. I was finally able to have a conversation, instead of identifying stupid legal issues that related to things he said. I swear the bar was like first year all over again, when we would run around campus trying to figure out if mom promising to do my laundry during finals constituted a unilateral contract or not.... This test made us all stupid again.

Friday and Saturday were rainy, perfect for spending curled up with Harry Potter. Which is exactly what I did. J.K. Rowling is an incredible storyteller, and the characters are incredibly compelling. Makes me want to reread the entire series. Since I am a Lady of Leisure now, I may do that.

I don't have a job lined up, so my days are more or less free. I'm getting my eyes checked this afternoon for the first time since law school started. I expect a massive change of prescription, as all that reading wreaked havoc on my poor little eyeballs. I'm trying to finish getting unpacked, cleaning this bachelor-ish pad into a more habitable abode. I also need to remove the 10 pounds I gained while studying for the bar (and hopefully a few more) while I search for a job.

Life is good. I'm so glad this dumb test is behind me. Whew!


Still life with book and cat

This is my world these days:

It could be a lot worse, but I am ready for this bar exam to be over.

The good news is: I will be COMPLETELY FREE! FREE AS A BIRD! as of 5:00 pm one week from today.



This is SO ME!

Cartoon by Dave Walker.