I survived the bar exam. Damn near had a heart attack on essay day, but managed to live to tell the tale. I know I missed a few things on the essays, and that I fudged answers to a couple of the procedure and evidence questions, but all in all, I feel good. Optimistic even. Too bad I have 93 days until I get the results. Ugh.

Mr. C took me out to dinner on Thursday night, and it was wonderful. Nothing too fancy, just the two of us getting a chance to reconnect after weeks of me being holed up in my office. I was finally able to have a conversation, instead of identifying stupid legal issues that related to things he said. I swear the bar was like first year all over again, when we would run around campus trying to figure out if mom promising to do my laundry during finals constituted a unilateral contract or not.... This test made us all stupid again.

Friday and Saturday were rainy, perfect for spending curled up with Harry Potter. Which is exactly what I did. J.K. Rowling is an incredible storyteller, and the characters are incredibly compelling. Makes me want to reread the entire series. Since I am a Lady of Leisure now, I may do that.

I don't have a job lined up, so my days are more or less free. I'm getting my eyes checked this afternoon for the first time since law school started. I expect a massive change of prescription, as all that reading wreaked havoc on my poor little eyeballs. I'm trying to finish getting unpacked, cleaning this bachelor-ish pad into a more habitable abode. I also need to remove the 10 pounds I gained while studying for the bar (and hopefully a few more) while I search for a job.

Life is good. I'm so glad this dumb test is behind me. Whew!


Anonymous said...

Woo, hoo! Alright! 'Way to go!
We miss you and it's good to see you back from the study cave.
Enjoy the leisure while you can.

Beverly said...

Congratulations--I'm sure you'll do great.

Neal swears that law school ruined him for reading...he's JUST (almost 10 yrs later) starting to read books for pleasure again.

Lawfrog said...

The days after the Bar Exam are some of the best days EVER! Relax and enjoy, you have earned it.

I had my eyes checked every year while I was in law school and they got worse and worse every year.:) My optometrist told me that there are typically three areas of study where he sees eyesight go down hill: history, English, and law. Makes sense. Lots of reading in those areas.

Anyway, congrats on finishing the bar. Just making it through the studying and the actual exam are things to be proud of!!