A Very Productive Saturday

Today I have:
  • Addressed most of the wedding invitations,
  • Filled out most of my bar application,
  • Got price quotes for wedding day hair and makeup,
  • Confirmed wedding dress delivery date,
  • Washed my sheets and duvet cover,
  • Taken a bunch of stuff to the dumpster, and
  • Cleaned up the garage.

I still need to:
  • Go to the grocery store,
  • Make dinner.

Sadly, no knitting on the list, though the curse of recent weeks seems to be fading.... Not that I've tried anything more challenging than garter stitch, but that's ok. All in good time.


Once Bitten Twice Shy Three Times Surrender

I had such a hard time with knitting projects over the holidays that I can't bring myself to cast on for anything. Which makes for a REALLY BORING knit blog!

The Frost Flowers shawl, knitted by Eunny in 16 days, has kicked my booty big time. I cast on last summer and gave up after 10 rows, then tried again right after finals. After starting and ripping about 15 times (no exaggeration, for a change), I finally made it 45 rows in and was starting to feel more comfortable.... Then disaster struck. I somehow got off one stitch, and then tinked/knitted/tinked/knitted the same row 8 times. The last time I dropped a stitch and it immediately slipped down 10 rows. 10 rows of complicated lace. So I gave up again. The yarn/needles/pattern are stuffed in a bag that has been shoved back under my bed, where it spent all fall in time out after the first disasterous attempt.

I also tried to start Eunny's Spectacular Bayerische Socks. I couldn't even do the 1x1 ribbing right!!! Kept increasing somehow. Then, when I finished the first cabled round, I ended up with 6 extra stitches. This all happened after the Frost Flowers disaster, so I just ripped it out and stuck the Bayerische supplies into the same bag located in the deep dark recesses of under the bed storage doom.

Did make it to knit night last night- my Mom wants a Cherry Scarf like mine, so I cast on while chatting with the group. One would think that after four years of knitting I would be able to cast on for a garter stitch scarf.... Wrongo! I had to cast on four times because apparently I can't count to 24. Oy VAY.

Send good knitting thoughts my way- I NEED THEM!


Happy New Year!

I am finally back home after a couple weeks with the future husband and his family. We had a lovely Christmas and New Year, and it's good to be back at home!

I have only one resolution this year: I'm not buying any yarn.

You read that right- none.

I have enough yarn that if I knit and knit and knit and knit, it would take at least four years to get through what I already have. And I have no time. I also got my butt seriously kicked by every project I attempted over the holiday, and am feeling a little less than talented right now.

So no yarn.

EXCEPT: (of COURSE there are escape clauses!!)

I got a $50 gift certificate to Hill Country Weavers in Austin- my favorite LYS ever- from Mr. C, so I can spend that on yarn since it's not actually my money.

AND possibly except for spectacular difficult to find yarn that I encounter at sheep or wool festivals, if I even make it to any this year. It would be a shame to make it to Rhinebeck and not be allowed to buy anything.... I know I won't be at Maryland (graduating/honemooning/moving right around then), and I probably won't make it to Taos (won't live in NM anymore by then). But one never knows....