Life is just a bowl of cherries.....

Since I don't have any photos for you, and I haven't been doing much knitting, here's the last of the pre-Costa Rica pictures. Hopefully my camera will be back in a week...

This is one of my all time favorite projects. It was boring as hell to knit, but I LOVE the end product. It's the cherry scarf from one of the Jaeger baby books. I didn't buy the book (it's a garter stitch rectangle with pom poms, for God's sake), and I improvised the leaves because I wanted something more than is shown in the actual pattern. I'm really please with how it came out!

I made it out of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, which is wonderful to work with, but the yarn has quickly developed a bit of a fuzzy halo. I love the yarn, but don't know that I'd want to do anything too intricate with it. It does feel like heaven.

I finished this during the winter time and had plenty of opportunity to wear it.

Part of why I'm so excited the boyfriend is moving HERE is that we get real winters here... Wool is good. Instead of Austin, where for the 3 months that it gets down into the upper 50s we all *think* we're freezing to death, but no one ever wears sweaters because there's just no reason to. Seriously, it was in the 80s over New Year's this year. Insane.

Anyway, there's the cherry scarf. YAY cherry scarf!!!

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