I imagine that an attorney watching a summer law clerk is very much like an adult watching a child play. We’re pretty naïve about the world at this point in time, and I for one take great delight in playing with new concepts, figuring out how they work. I bet it’s kind of like watching a child have their first taste of ice cream, or a baby discovering it has hands.

Or, it’s just exasperating in that, aw geez, get on with it kind of way.

I hope it’s the former!

I spent Friday researching a set of issues for an attorney in my office. I was pleased with my results and was sitting down to write the memo when I read the complaint. All the rules I had just learned and figured out how to get around? Moot, because the plaintiffs broke all of them in their complaint. Which is kind of cool, because it works out better for us in the long run. But now I get to play with these ideas again on Monday, figuring out how to assemble this new puzzle from the existing pieces... It's pretty cool!

Friday was also a good yarn day! I had lunch with Meg at Crazy Fish, a new sushi join in Nob Hill/University area. It was gooood.

Then my new law school knitting friend splurged on yarn and a pattern book for her first ever project. She chose some pretty high contrast colors for Gloria (the cover pattern). I hope it turns out well! I hope she doesn't have a nervous breakdown! There's a lot going on in this sweater, especially for an uber beginner knitter, but I think she can handle it with some hand holding.

Be proud of me- I bought nothing except the Fall Interweave Knits. I am in luuuuuurv with the cover sweater, but there is NO WAY I am going to make it- almost entirely stockinette stitch on size 3 needles? WHATEVER! I'll just drool. I think. I might need a long term stockinette stitch project to get me through the fall semester. Hmmmmmm......

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