Ick. He's too old for her, she's getting sucked into his slightly weired religious stuff. Why do I care? I mean really, why am I even posting about this?

I'm hoping to get some knitting done this weekend. M and P are coming to with me watch the boy referee a soccer game tomorrow night. I LOVE to knit during soccer games. I can support the boy by half watching the game and make great progress on a project at the same time. YAY!

I've joined the SockaPal2za knitalong and an REALLY EXCITED! My target has really general guidelines, which is nice but intimidating all at the same time. I *THINK* I know what I'm going to make, but I'll have to look in to it this weekend.

Anyway, I AM at work, so I should get back to it. Happy Weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I get an evil chill up my spine just thinking about the "TomKat" alliance and her conversion to Scientology. (AND WHY DOES THE MEDIA INSIST ON COMBINING NAMES EVER SINCE THE TERRIBLE BENIFER?)

ugh. there is another chill!