Note to self.

Dear Self,

Remember all that complaining you've done for the last 6 months about two particular law school classes? You might not have shared it all with the blog, but it was bad. And now it is payback time. You will not make Dean's List this semester because you created so much bad karma by griping continually about these 2 classes. How's that for a serving of humble pie? It's obvious that you did well in the classes you liked, and it's equally obvious that you sucked in the classes you hated. Funny how that works.

I hope you have learned the following lesson: never, ever, under any circumstances, take another class from either one of these professors. You hated them and their karmic energy hates you back. So there.

Now get over it, you whiny cow.


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Anonymous said...

Dear Self,

Karma is funny that way. I still love you, though.

Sorry about dean's list.