Treading Water

Sorry for the relative silence on my end- things are still crazy with the end of the semester upon us.

School is officially done. I have 2 more days of work in which to finish writing a big motion. Then it's off to finals island (possibly worse than sleeve island...) I'm hoping to study for and do my take-home health law exam on Saturday, then it's on to Conflicts (lots of material, very technical, but the prof is awesome) and water law (still 600 pages behind in the reading, and panicked because the prof is nuts).

There has been some knitting. I've turned the heel on the koigu sock (twice!) and am halfway through the last round of skull/crossbones on the We Call Them Pirates hat... Pictues someday? Maybe this weekend?

Thanks for beraing with me!


Albuquerque Favorites: Relish

I LOVE Relish, a small sandwich/salad joint here in town. There are two locations: one on Menaul near Pennsylvania, and one downtown on Central between 4th and 5th.

Relish makes outstanding sandwiches. Their cubano is famous, and I'm a huge fan of the turkey sandwich with avocado, greens, and wasabi mayo. It's just outstanding. The salads are also fantastic- mm mm good. The hours are kinda strange- mostly lunch time- and there's no seating at the downtown location, but you CANNOT beat it for a fantastic lunch.

Here's a much better description of Relish, courtesty of Gil's Thrilling Web Site:

"Having lived in England in the mid-1980s and wanting to immerse ourselves in local culture, we spent many a lunch hour in English pubs, often consuming ploughman's lunches, a late 1970s invention of the United Kingdom's catering industry. Marketed as the "traditional" fare eaten by ploughman in days of yore, the ploughman's lunch generally consisted of a lump of cheese (usually Stilton or Cheddar), pickle (Branston's, of course) and salad accompanied by crusty bread and butter. As with most English cuisine, this simple meal has never received the type of respect seemingly reserved for the haughty haute cuisine of the French, but it's one of the many things we missed about our former home.

We were thrilled to discover in October, 2004 that an Albuquerque restaurant newcomer with the simple name "Relish Cheese Market & Sandwich Shop" offered this lunch, albeit with the spelling plowman. We were also impressed to discover that restaurant--although bearing no resemblance to an English pub--earned "best sandwich" accolades in the Alibi's readers choice poll for 2004. It also tied for "best new restaurant" in the city.

Relish's version of the plowman had us waxing nostalgic for the many family oriented English pubs we frequented in our three years abroad. Any cheese connoisseur would be challenged to select only two cheeses from among the 40 plus aged and new cheeses of the crumbly and solid variety. The cheeses we selected were an aged Cheddar (five years old) and a new Cheddar, but we also had an herb infused goat cheese that could only be classified as one fantastic fromage. Included with the plowman's lunch were sun dried tomatoes, the aforementioned and incomparable Branston's pickle, and nut encrusted dates. Not a substantial meal, it's one we'll remember and will repeat most because of its pairing of contrasting yet complementary tastes that bring out the best in one another and titillate your taste buds.

Enterprising proprietor Johnny Orr also makes his own mozzarella daily and has a strict no-refrigeration, eat that night policy. The homemade mozzarella sandwich showcases this rich cheese with roasted red pepper, arugula, aged balsamic and extra virgin olive oil on a crusty alpinette roll.

Relish has an enviable sandwich menu that includes both hot and cold sandwiches. The Cubano, loosely based on the Cuban sandwich, features chipotle rubbed roast pork, honey ham, Swiss cheese, sliced pickle and cilantro mayo served on a baguette. It is among the best of its genre we've had in the Duke City. Ditto for the Reuben which includes both pastrami and corned beef along with Thousand Island dressing, Swiss cheese and relish. Relish's muffaletta might be the closest you'll find to New Orleans with provolone, Genoa salami, maple ham, sweet and spicy coppacola, pepperoni, and artichoke tapinade served on muffaletta bread.

Unlike so many of the boring sandwich shops in town, Relish also dares to be different, offering such Duke City rarities as Dr. Brown's root beer and Miss Vickie's unique chips in such flavors as Texas mesquite and sea salt and vinegar. Sensational salads also dot the menu. Our early favorite is the endive salad which melds Belgian endive and field greens with candied pine nuts, Maytag blue cheese, grape tomatoes, green apples and buttermilk dressing. It is one of the best salads in town. The service at Relish is cordial and professional and you're made to feel like a welcome guest. Relish might not capture all that we fell in love with about English food, but after one visit we've already grown to love what is one of the best new concepts the Duke City has seen in years."

My note: I don't think they're doing the pick-your-cheese thing on the Ploghman's anymore- when I ordered it, it was sort of pre-selected cheeses... And really, really fantastic.


Having a lie down....

We're now officially at 11 babies- add one for Destiny.

The room is spinning... I think I'm hyperventilating....


Another one bites the dust....

Add an unknown baby for Allegra.

What's that now- 10? 11? oy.



Soooo... The seven baby girls I mentioned the other day are being born to:
Samantha, Meghan, Kate, Cat, Stephanie, Lisa, and Heather.

Add a baby boy for Heather (a different Heather) and an unknown baby for Jackie to the list...

Really, people, what gives?!?!? It's a good thing I'm over that phase where I felt like I had to knit a baby blanket for every new arrival... I'd lose my mind this year!


ANOTHER crazy lady....

That would be ME.

Yep, it's that time of year. The semester is over April 28 and there is just. too. much. to. do.

So, I'm going to guess that there won't be a whole lot happening here in the next 2 weeks. Sorry!

See you soon!


Crazy Lady

I went out to breakfast on Saturday at my favorite place, the Slate Street Cafe. I was by myself, and was trying to get some reading done.

There was a couple sitting near me, and they looked really normal when they walked in. They sat down, ordered breakfast, and the woman proceeded to read the paper. It went something like this:

[She picks up the paper.]

Her: Oh no.
Him: [nothing]
Her: Oh that's terrible.
Him: [nothing]
Her: Oh how sad.
Him: [nothing]
Her: A 28 year old woman DIED.
Him: [nothing]
Her: So sad.
Him: [nothing]
Her: [Basically reads him the entire story.]
Him: [nothing]

[Pause. She turns the page.]

Her: Oh my.
Him: [nothing]
Her: I can't believe it!
Him: [nothing]
Her: A bald eagle!
Him: [nothing]
Her: In the nation's capital!
Him: [nothing]
Her: Killed near the beltway!
Him: [nothing]
Her: [Basically reads him the entire story.]

[Pause. She turns the page.]

So this goes on and on, every single page of the paper, and she gets louder and louder and louder with each passing page.
He ignores her, doodling on the back of an envelope.

When she finishes reading the paper (to all of us), she says to her partner,

Her: Do you want to read the paper?
Him: Um, no thanks.


Startitis... Again

Well, the draught is over and I am fully loaded with projects once again.

That's a Clapotis in my Brooks Fiber mohair. MMMMMMM. This one is a gift.

Next up is We Call Them Pirates, also a gift, in leftover Brown Sheep Sport weight.

Finally, a very basic toe up sock in Koigu.

All stash yarn- YAY! Too bad I've bought more than enough yarn to replace it in the month of March... Oh well. One step forward....


Oops I Did It Again

I was out of town last weekend, and I bought some... um... yarn. Sock yarn. 3 pairs worth. DOH!

Left to right:

Claudia Handpainted sock yarn in Chocolate Cherry.
Claudia Handpainted in Earth Dot.
Fortissima Colori Socka Color DISCO - it SPARKLES.

YAY! Sock yarn!

The BF is so cool. Listen to this:

He willingly took me to the yarn store.

He picked up the Earth Dot with no prompting from me, and said, "I'd like to see how this will knit up..."

Then he offered to buy the yarn for me.

Yep, he's a keeper.

IN MY DEFENSE, I went to Village Wools today to fondle the Koigu and I DIDN'T BUY ANY. See? I'm only vulnerable when I'm traveling, apparently...


Baby Boom

I have 7 baby girls arriving in April, May, June, or July.

Meg saved my kiester by buying me a ball of Jolie angora and merino yarn to make baby booties from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts." Aren't they CUTE???

One pair has already been gifted- time to get cracking again.

New Knitting Blooks

Yep, I said BLOOKS. As in books by my favorite blogs. Guess what arrived in the mail last week:

My very own copies of Mason-Dixon Knitting: The Curious Knitters' Guide: Stories, Patterns, Advice, Opinions, Questions, Answers, Jokes, and Pictures and . Both are fantastic.

Everyone in blogland is talking about these books, and with good reason. Mason Dixon Knitting is every bit as fabulous as the blog- smart, funny, creative, lots of color (local and otherwise). Every line is clever and hilarious. AND, I want to make almost everything in the book. This is a great inspirational book- all the patterns are designed as templates to use as a starting point for creating your own fabulous pieces. I'm about to start rifling through ye olde stash to figure out if I have the makings of a pyschadelic squares afghan or log cabin blanket...

And the Harlot is wonderful. Each of her three books is so different. This one is all about knitting. Swatches, gauge, basic patterns for hats, scarves, shawls, socks, sweaters... And every single sentence just oozes that Harlot brand of humor we all know and love.

I devoured these books over the weekend, and enjoyed every minute of it. If I was going to be frugal and buy just one (thank HEAVEN I'm not wired that way!!!) it would probably be Mason Dixon Knitting- I think I'll pick this up and thumb through frequently for inspiration- and I do plan on making some stuff out of the book! I love the Harlot, but those are better for a one time read than a pick up again and again and again for eye candy. Really, though, I'm glad I'm in a position to afford both. I'm a very happy knitter.


Jaywalkers in Action

The dear friend who got the jayalkers sent me a picture of the socks in action, plus her dog. Check it out:

Yes, the dog really is that big, and her feet really are that small.

I'm so glad they fit and that she likes them!!!


I want to flash my stash!

But I was out of town this weekend, and I simply don't have the time to do an adequate job- semester ends in 4 weeks and I have So. Much. Left. To. Do. Scary.

Maybe I'll do an end-of-the-semester-procrastinating-before-finals flash of my stash?

I hope to post pictures soon- the jaywalker giftee sent me a pic of the socks and her dog for el blogo, and I, um, I bought a wee bit more yarn this weekend. DOH.

Damn sock yarn. Gets me every time.

Oh yeah- got some new knitting books in the mail, another is on the way, and about 10 are sitting in my amazon shopping cart just WAITING for a trigger-finger moment...