Treading Water

Sorry for the relative silence on my end- things are still crazy with the end of the semester upon us.

School is officially done. I have 2 more days of work in which to finish writing a big motion. Then it's off to finals island (possibly worse than sleeve island...) I'm hoping to study for and do my take-home health law exam on Saturday, then it's on to Conflicts (lots of material, very technical, but the prof is awesome) and water law (still 600 pages behind in the reading, and panicked because the prof is nuts).

There has been some knitting. I've turned the heel on the koigu sock (twice!) and am halfway through the last round of skull/crossbones on the We Call Them Pirates hat... Pictues someday? Maybe this weekend?

Thanks for beraing with me!

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jen said...

Hope you make it through OK! I have been there, the 600 pages behind, learning subject matter for the first time the night before the final. But I survived, and without doing too horribly. I'm sure you will, too!