I finished the We Call Them Pirates hat. It's a giftie for my baby brother, and it FITS! A little snug, but doesn't cut off the circulation. He's got a big head, so I'm relieved it fits.

(Camera appears to be on the fritz again- apologies).

This is an incredibly well written pattern. The chart is great- large enough to read (law school has inflicted me with bad eyesight AND dyslexia AND alzheimers- I never realized these were contaigious diseases), with bold grid lines every 5 colums and 5 rows to make reading the chart easier. I used stashed Brown Sheep fingering weight (maybe it was sport weight?) in navy blue and white, and lined it with stashed Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. The great thing about having a (seemingly) bottomless stash is knowing you have exactly the right yarn!!!

Anyway, bro assures me he loves it! YAY!

In fact, he likes it so much he's refusing to give it back to me so I can REALLY give it to him later. It's over 80 degrees outside, and the goofball is wearing his double layer WOOL knit hat. Quite the compliment, I must admit....


meg said...

Oh Jenny, it looks fantastic! Well done, my girl!

Scoutj said...

Great job! And hello! Look how hot your brother is! OKay, I can say that right? I'm married and everything!

I love all of Adrian's patterns. SHe rocks.

Nanette said...

It is terrific and looks great on him. I should make one for my brother but he's not half as cute as your brother. LOL

§putter said...

Awesome, I think I've just found the hat I want my wife to make me, thanks!