I Heart Greenwood Fiberworks

I broke down and bought some of the cotton/lycra sock yarn from Greenwood Fiberworks that Grumperina was raving about the other day. Apparently I ordered it right before her most recent post because she promptly sold out of the cotton/lycra blend shortly after I ordered.

Take a look:

I love it. It's stretchy, thin, fabulous, and should make GREAT SOCKS. BUT, the pink looked a little more vibrant/raspberry/magenta in the photo on etsy; in person, it's a dusty rose. Me no likey as much as a louder, brighter, clearer color. Perhaps this is my chance to dye?

(Note: I will be ordering from Greenwood Fiberworks again- the shipping was lightning fast, well packaged, and totally professional- I am WAY impressed with her and I think this was more error in judgment on my part than anything else).

Some preliminary research indicates that kool aid dyes do not work on cotton. Damn. Any suggestions? And, color experts, is it even possible to overdye this in such a way that the color is deeper and more vibrant (ie not dusty)? All thoughts are much appreciated...


Beth said...

No, kool aid doesn't work on cotton. But, you can overdye it. prochemical.com is a great place. They have a huge line of fiber reactive dyes (for plant fibers) I'm sure you'll be able to get something you like.

Scoutj said...

We carry the Jacquard in the store and a few others. I'll be there tomorrow from 2-6 if you want to come in. You can definitely mess with it though.

jeannie said...

I played with color in design classes too long ago, so I don't remember much.
I don't know if you'll get a more clear color... you'll have a more saturated color when you overdye. Maybe if you add blue which will send you into the purple range, or maybe yellow which would yield orange, or orange which'll give you more a coral feel.

See if you can find a color wheel. That'll help with visualizing before you start mixing liquids. And Maybe Grumperina would have some ideas for yu. I'd email her and ask.

Carolyn Greenwood said...

It's nice to see the yarn at it's new home :-) I'd be glad to send it through another dyepot and see if I can get it brighter for you. Let me know--or you can have your own fun over-dyeing it on your own!

Carolyn Greenwood said...

It is nice to see the yarn at it's new home! I'd be glad to put the pink through another dyepot to see if it comes out brighter--or you can have fun playing with dye, too.