I'm A Sheep

Like everyone else in blogland, I have cast on for Green Gables (I love these knitalong blogs! So many great tips in one place!). I have also ripped it out to start over, but that part comes later in the story.

I'm using stashed organic Pakucho Cotton from elann last summer. YAY for stash yarn! I started with a knitted cast on (scroll down), and I hated it! SOOOO floppy. Also attempted to use size 8s, cause that's what I had on hand.

Yeah. Bad cast on + wrong gauge = rip!

Apparently the designers have recently indicated that a backward loop cast on is the way to go, but I don't much care for that... So I'm going to follow this advice and use the German cast on, which I frequently use for SOCKS.

Hopefully I'll get to restart tonight (as a reward for studying at all today...)

ETA: DO check out this post on sizing issues- saved me the heartache of a totally too big sweater.

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meg said...

Would it be disgusting if I did GG in my pachuko? Could we sit next to each other at Knit Night?

See ya later, gator!