Dye Job Success!

I finally got around to dying the yarn I bought from Greenwood Fiberworks. Carolyn was fantastic- even offered to replace the pink with a different dyelot. I really do highly recommend her yarns- this cotton lycra stuff is amazing, and her variegateds look really fab.

I went to Village Wools, the LYS, and they hooked me up with professional fiber reactive dyes. I bought the "strongest red" and "navy blue" (decided to dye the blue, too, while I was at it...). I was paranoid that I was going to give myself chemical burns while spilling dye all over the house, but managed to complete the exercise without either... Yay!

Instead of the very mellow dusty rose and cadet blue, I now have a true navy and a fabulous red- slight blue undertones, but really vibrant. I'm so pleased!

I found some great dye-ing resources while I was at it:


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