New job

Started a new job this week, with the law firm with a sense of humor that knows about the knit blog. The blog came up several times on my first day (hi guys!) and... well, I won't be talking much about work.

Except that I'm expecting to have a great summer!

Knitting was accomplished while I was out of town, but there has been no time to post. Soon. Promise.


Scoutj said...

I meant to e-mail you to see if you could wrangle up some people to come knit for the World Knit In Public Day next weekend?

Erin said...

Funny. Obviously they think you are cool for having a knit blog or they wouldn't have said anything. I recently had to get time off to go to a wool festival and was met with a blank, odd stare and a hesitant "okay". Good luck on your green gable!

*karen said...

Hello. The place where I bought the cards was Papers! on Nob Hill. I don't think it's a new place, ore even a big secret, except to me since I only recently discovered it. I think the story of how your bosses outed you is hilarious!

Book of Wu said...

congrats on the new job and the RING!