I must have a chronic illness.


  • Knitting once a week, halfheartedly, at knit night.
  • Absolutely no desire to buy yarn, in person or online.
  • No pressing need to order knitting books from amazon.
  • Appalling lack of cruising ebay for cheap Alice Starmore books or yarn.
  • 4 projects on the needles, and forecast for those projects to remain in current state indefinitely. SEE:

    I took that picture two weeks ago and the only change is that the sock is half an inch longer. Whopee!!!

It must be because:
  • It's summer. Freakin frackin hot.
  • I'm working 8-5 again and am really tired when I get home.
  • Wedding planning/brainstorming is taking a lot of energy.
  • It's HOT.
  • My Main Knitting Buddy is about to move across the country, and I'm going to miss her!
  • HOT. HOT. HOT.


Nanette said...

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I've barely noticed it is hot here - because my new summer heat coping strategy involves lots of white wine. LOL

jeannie said...

It's the July - monsoon(less sunlight)- My knitting buddy moved away - I'm engaged - I'm working full time- BLUES. It's ok. It'll pass. It's a process that you can notice, acknowledge, and then keep going. It will feel better given a little time. The yarn illness - I don't know -sounds like maybe you need a visit to the knitting emergency room for immediate intervention and treatment?
Cashmere derived antibiotic might help -or Seasilk?And "Knitting Rules" (Yarn Harlot) to read?
Love & Rx's to you,