Haven't You Always Wanted a MonKEY?

Yes, I have succumbed to the recent Cookie A sock pattern madness and started a pair of Monkey socks.

I've had a hard time getting into the pattern. I reworked the numbers so that I don't run in to too-small-sock syndrome, and my math was off the first time. I had to knit the cuff 3 times before I finally got it going. Then I was struggling to knit with my chosen needles (Crystal Palace bamboo 1 dpns), but that went away when I cleaned the needles- the accumulated use-grime was creating too much drag which made the knitting miserable. Now that things are moving along more smoothly, I think I'll enjoy this more....

Picture was taken two days ago- I just finished the leg on the first sock.

It's hard to capture this shade of Trekking- it's much more rich than it appears.


The best in the world

I don't think I ever told you about the Best Matron of Honor Ever, or the Best Bridal Shower Ever that she threw for me.

Katie (my bestest law school bud) hosted a fabulous law school friend shower back in March. We had incredible food, fantastic games, and lingerie galore. Good times. As if that weren't enough, Katie made incredible party favors- a knit hat, complete with appliqu├ęd felt flower, for each of the 20 guests.

Not only did she get a picture of the hats, she got a picture of the guests WEARING their hats!

Yes, Katie is awesome. It was the best, most thoughtful shower ever.


New York (mini) Yarn Crawl

As Meg hinted, we did escape the wilderness one day in search of new yarn. Not like either of us need it, but hey! it's what fiber addict friends who live in different states do whenever they're together!!!

Meg started the trip off perfectly by brining be a skien of Socks That Rock, color Rhodonite, as a thanks-for-spending-a-week-with-me present. As if! Seeing Meg was treat enough!

Our first stop on the yarn crawl was Lonesome Landing in Saranac Lake. Cute town, cute store, cute owner. Things were a little disorganized, but there was interesting yarn, out of print books, and a great deal on Opal sock yarn ($11!!!!) I brought home this darling, after Meg spotted me the cash to make the purchase- if you go to Lonesome Landing, be forewarned that they only accept cash and checks!

Our next stop was Adirondack Yarns in Lake Placid. Cute town, cuter store, cutest staff! I really liked this place- clean, bright, well organized, and you could see everything! There's also an adjoining coffeeshop/bakery with tables and chairs- very nice. We walked in the door approximately 5 minutes after their shipment of Fleece Artist sock yarn came in, so naturally I brought home some of that, too!

I also impulsively bought a ball of subtly varied blue/green merino sock yarn called Sol Joy by Catalina Yarns. It's yummy, and I think it's going to become the Denmark Socks from Nancy Bush's "Knitting On The Road."


One more wedding picture....

We're sorting through pictures to figure out what goes in the album.... I think this is my favorite.

Photo Copyright Ginger Russell.



I got my invite to Ravelry yesterday! Good stuff. I can see myself spending LOTS of time here in the coming days, weeks, months.... :-)

If you're on, or when you get on, stop by and say hello! I'm "womanobsessed" as always.



Well Rested

Just got back to Austin from my restorative week in the Adirondack Mountains with Meg. It was an incredible time- wonderful to see her, great to get to know her family, and fun to hike around in the mountains.

A few pictures:

I also finished the Embossed Leaves socks! What a fast knit....

Pattern: Embossed Leaves Socks by Mona Schmidt, as printed in "Favorite Socks"
Yarn: Koigu Premium Merino in a gorgeous variegated pale minty green
Needles: Crystal Palace Bamboo #2 DPNS (the short ones)


My own personal madness

I read each and every post January Onewrote about hermadness like I had been infected with mitre fever. The color was absolutely astounding, and all I knew was that I wanted some, too.

Tahki Cotton Classic, with flash and dog paw

Everyone on my side of the family struggles with addictive behaviors. We are all into different stuff, and we all cope with it differently. My stuff comes out in knitting and eating. (Better than drugs, right?)

Tahki Cotton Classic, without flash

I'm ready to start my own personal madness now. I don't have my scheme yet, but am thinking about how I'm going to structure the madness. Cara's post about the rules (in the middle of the post) is kinda what I'm going for- something to give this project structure while letting creativity flow.


FO in Action

After living in a closet since its completion, my mitered square rug has finally found a home in our kitchen!

All our smaller appliances are red Kitchen Aid (love the wedding registry) and we've got red and aqua dish towels. The rug is finally at home!


There's nothing like Koigu in the morning...

Today I cast on for another pair of socks.

Embossed Leaves Socks, from Favorite Socks. Koigu KPM 23521, Brittany Birch size 3 needles.

I know everyone and their dog has made these socks, but I am really excited about making my first pair.


Six month sock, Six day sock

I finally finished a knitted object- I think this is the first of 2007 (gah- can that be true?)

I give you navy blue socks.

Pattern: basic 3x1 rib top down with short row heels and toes.
Yarn: Greenwood Fiberworks, stretchy cotton sock yarn
Needles: size 1 alumninum

The one on the right took six months, the one on the left took six days. The six months were filled with wedding planning, getting married, finishing law school, moving to Texas, studying for and taking the bar exam.... The six days were filled with... knitting. Aaaah, the good life.

I liked working with this yarn, though my tension was not consistent at all. I've never knit with an elasticized cotton before, so I'm sure that's most of the problem.

After kitchnering up the toe this morning, I wound a bunch of yarn for my next two projects. Yay!

And, even BETTER, is that it looks like I get to see MEG soon! WOO HOOOOOOOOO!