My own personal madness

I read each and every post January Onewrote about hermadness like I had been infected with mitre fever. The color was absolutely astounding, and all I knew was that I wanted some, too.

Tahki Cotton Classic, with flash and dog paw

Everyone on my side of the family struggles with addictive behaviors. We are all into different stuff, and we all cope with it differently. My stuff comes out in knitting and eating. (Better than drugs, right?)

Tahki Cotton Classic, without flash

I'm ready to start my own personal madness now. I don't have my scheme yet, but am thinking about how I'm going to structure the madness. Cara's post about the rules (in the middle of the post) is kinda what I'm going for- something to give this project structure while letting creativity flow.

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Allena said...

i love the colors! it's going to make an awesome blanket!