Fabulous Finished Objects

Ok, even though I have been acquiring yarn at an alarming rate, I have also destashed a bit courtesy of Ravelry.

I've also been knitting! This weekend I finished my Kaffe Fasset Tumbling Blocks pillow- lurv it.

Pattern: Tumbling Blocks Pillow, Kaffe Fasset (Rowan membership gift- I got mine on ebBay)
Yarn: Rowanspun 4ply, held double (love eBay)
Raveled here.

I also finished my Lace Ribbon Scarf-

As you can see, Scooter was invaluable to the blocking process.

Pattern: Veronik Avery's Lace Ribbon Scarf from Knitty Spring '08
Yarn: Malabrigo Lace in yummy blue
Raveled here.

This scarf turned out so nicely. I started it thinking it would be a gift for one person, so I knit happy thoughts for that person for the first 6 inches or so. They my Mom hinted that she wanted it, so I knit happy thoughts for her for the next foot. Then I fell in love and knit happy thoughts for me for the rest. :-) I think this one is mine.


My Stash Overfloweth ad absurdum....

So with my bargain buddy and ravelry scores, one would THINK my yarn desires would be completely fulfilled.... and one would be wrong.

My LYS had a summer sale and, since it is FREAKING HOT here most of the year, I thought I'd score some summer yarns:

8 balls of Debbie Bliss Cathay:

and 8 balls of Rowan RYC Bamboo Soft:

Both have already been at least partially knitted and ripped. Good times!

Said LYS also had a warehouse clearance sale at which I scored some decidedly NON-summer yarns....

Two cones of Jamieson's Shetland Aran:

And then I bought some KnitPicks Gloss to make Thermal, but am now thinking maybe Union Square?? I don't know!

So yes, I have had a piggy year on the stash acquisition front. Oink oink oink.

Next time: Revenge of the Stash Thing


Stashity Stash Stash....

Meg asked when I'm going to knit up all the lovelies I have purchased/acquired.

First, I have not yet finished chronicling my stash expansion. Yes, there is more to come. A lot more. I've been bad.

Second, I plan to knit six sweaters, a baby blanket, three pairs of socks, a Christmas stocking, and several Anne Hanson scarves, all before Christmas.

Third, yes I am completely delusional. But at least I am prepared for the impending financial crisis- I have enough yarn to knit forever, so at least my hobby won't be impacted by a return to the financial stone age. I knew I was hoarding for a reason!!!


My Stash Overfloweth Even More....

So I have been blessed by a bargain-shopping buddy. But I have ALSO been very proactive about enhancing my own stash.

Ravelry's ISO/Destash group has been very helpful. Through them, I've scored:

Six skeins of Sweet Georgia sock yarn:

Five big balls of Kauni Effectgarn:

Ten skeins of Rowanspun Dk in Catkin:

A skien of Emily Parsons' Sophie's Toes Sock Yarn:

And three balls of Regia Silk Sock Yarn in snowy white.