My Stash Overfloweth ad absurdum....

So with my bargain buddy and ravelry scores, one would THINK my yarn desires would be completely fulfilled.... and one would be wrong.

My LYS had a summer sale and, since it is FREAKING HOT here most of the year, I thought I'd score some summer yarns:

8 balls of Debbie Bliss Cathay:

and 8 balls of Rowan RYC Bamboo Soft:

Both have already been at least partially knitted and ripped. Good times!

Said LYS also had a warehouse clearance sale at which I scored some decidedly NON-summer yarns....

Two cones of Jamieson's Shetland Aran:

And then I bought some KnitPicks Gloss to make Thermal, but am now thinking maybe Union Square?? I don't know!

So yes, I have had a piggy year on the stash acquisition front. Oink oink oink.

Next time: Revenge of the Stash Thing

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jeannie said...

I like the idea of the union Square PO. I'm not sure but what the Thermal might be too hot for your neck of the woods. (maybe?)
I hadn't checked in for awhile. Did you take the cranes' picture at the Open Space on the West side? My spinning group met there in January. Fabulous space and fun to be in.
Miss you.