Albuquerque Favorites: Cake Fetish

Albuquerque has a cupcake store! Hurrah for Cake Fetish! Someone else has summarized the scoop, but I want to share.

Cake Fetish is located in the Encantada Square shopping center on the north west corner of Louisiana and Menaul (right across Menaul from Coronado Mall). They make FABULOUS cupcakes in really great flavors- Peanut butter chocolate, grasshopper, velvet evlis, sleepless in albuquerque, german chocolate, lemon, etc etc etc. The frosting is fabulous- exactly the right consistency- and the cake bases are wonderful as well. So fun!

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danielle said...

This biz has been resold and the results are terrible. My first,and last visit to this place on 3/11/08.I got a dozen for my sons 13th bday after reading great reviews. I ordered them special, so they were supposedly fresh and they were bland, flavorless, and DRY! I HATED THEM! ALL 12 of them were bad. I tasted them all and threw them away promptly. And kids will eat just about any cupcakeand they wouldn't eat them. I want my money back!