I'm competent!

Yesterday was a great day at work- got some super positive feedback on a project I did for the managing partner- woot! It felt good to get that reinforcement. I also got my first 2 grades- A in writing (knew that was coming) and my first law school B from the professor who got confused on the rules for multiple choice exams. Ah well. At least it wasn't a class I felt like I understood!

I also did some surgery on Orangina Monday night. Last week I had accidentally yanked the needle out of 7 or 8 stitches in the middle of a row, and the stitches immediately unraveled 4 rows. Grrr. So, when I could finally face it again, I pulled the needle out, ripped back, and carefully got all the stitches back on. Because most of them were facing the wrong way and I had missed a couple yarn overs, I tinked back a row and voila! Repaired! I'm so proud!

Knit night was great last night, as usual. A friend from the law school came to learn how to knit- I think she liked it. We're going to get yarn for her first project this weekend. Mwa ha ha haaaaaa.

Oh yeah, love having the boy here. He's in new hire orientation this week, which stinks, but that's life. I hope he doesn't hate it here. I think it's too soon to tell...

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