Happy New Year!

I am finally back home after a couple weeks with the future husband and his family. We had a lovely Christmas and New Year, and it's good to be back at home!

I have only one resolution this year: I'm not buying any yarn.

You read that right- none.

I have enough yarn that if I knit and knit and knit and knit, it would take at least four years to get through what I already have. And I have no time. I also got my butt seriously kicked by every project I attempted over the holiday, and am feeling a little less than talented right now.

So no yarn.

EXCEPT: (of COURSE there are escape clauses!!)

I got a $50 gift certificate to Hill Country Weavers in Austin- my favorite LYS ever- from Mr. C, so I can spend that on yarn since it's not actually my money.

AND possibly except for spectacular difficult to find yarn that I encounter at sheep or wool festivals, if I even make it to any this year. It would be a shame to make it to Rhinebeck and not be allowed to buy anything.... I know I won't be at Maryland (graduating/honemooning/moving right around then), and I probably won't make it to Taos (won't live in NM anymore by then). But one never knows....


beverly said...

Oh, go to Rhinebeck--I'd love to meet up with you there!

Rebecca said...

Don't forget, there's always birthdays and Christmas to increase your yarn stash!

East of Oregon said...

rebecca's right - more gift cards and such as gifts can help with yarn acquisitions!