Hard Drive is Officially Gone

The Doctor is attempting one more rescue effort.... If it doesn't work, I've lost years worth of photos (this is the biggest bummer), the wedding guest list with addresses, all my law school notes, several pdf knitting patterns I had purchased, all of my iTunes information, and my iPod may not work with another computer (something about needing to decommission the old computer, which is impossible given its current state of deadness.)

Oh well.

Who cares, really- I've got SOME of the photos loaded onto flickr and ofoto, and it has snowed TWICE today and pretty much all day yesterday. It's gorgeous. AND it's Christmas! WOOHOO!


jen said...

Agh! That sucks so bad! And makes me think I need to upload my photos to a backup site immediately. Nonetheless, with all the upcoming changes in your life, you have the best times ahead of you, where you can take many more exciting photos!

East of Oregon said...

oh no . . . keeping fingers crossed :)

*karen said...

My laptop crashed recently. Fortunately Apple has a flat-rate fix-it fee that I qualified for so I didn't need to buy a new computer...yet. Unfortunately, I lost all my photos and info. I sympathize and hope your stuff can be saved.