You win some, you lose some.

I finished Green Gable and it FITS! FABULOUSLY!

But I can't post pictures because my laptop, she is dead. (I'm posting during a break at work).

I have't had time to call and fight with Dell yet because I'm still in the middle of finals, and it always takes at least 6 hours regardless what the problem actually is.

(Edited to Add: Dell was fantastic- was on the phone less than 20 minutes start to finish. My hard drive is dead, they're sending a new one. LOVE the insurance policy I bought when I got the computer. Hopefully my Mom's computer guru will be able to salvage some of the data off my old hard drive after they take it out of my computer... fingers crossed!)

But the sweater is done, and it's pretty good!


East of Oregon said...

good news on your dell! good luck with your finals.. I'm done finally (well with 1 semester anyway) Take care:)

Mira said...

good luck with your finals!
i have a dell too but recently all my stuff were corrupted and i had to reformat it...lost alllll of my pictures! :_(