The Panic, It Has Begun

We're at T minus 5 days till exam mayhem starts. I wouldn't be so panicky, but
  • I haven't read a single page in a single class all semester long.
  • I have two really hard exams and one that shouldn't be too bad.
  • I also have to rewrite a 30 page paper in the midst of exam mayhem.
  • AND I'm turning 30 on Wednesday! (Maybe that should be my paper day- 30 pages for 30 years?)
  • The Green Gables is so close to done I can taste it.... yet I will feel guilty for every stitch I knit during the next two weeks....

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East of Oregon said...

I feel your pain. Really I do. One exam Wednesday. One more next Wednesday. One paper due 5 minutes ago. Don't know how I'll make it. It's awful, really awful. The good news is it'll be over soon. Maybe I'll pass. maybe.