A Very Productive Saturday

Today I have:
  • Addressed most of the wedding invitations,
  • Filled out most of my bar application,
  • Got price quotes for wedding day hair and makeup,
  • Confirmed wedding dress delivery date,
  • Washed my sheets and duvet cover,
  • Taken a bunch of stuff to the dumpster, and
  • Cleaned up the garage.

I still need to:
  • Go to the grocery store,
  • Make dinner.

Sadly, no knitting on the list, though the curse of recent weeks seems to be fading.... Not that I've tried anything more challenging than garter stitch, but that's ok. All in good time.

1 comment:

Lawfrog said...

Sounds like a very productive day! Wedding planning while in law school can freeze one's brain and cause a lot of couch sitting staring at the wall...glad that hasn't happened to you:)