Fall fell on a holiday weekend!

It's Labor Day weekend, and fall has officially arrived in New Mexico! It's been in the 60s and 70s, and it feels FABULOUS. I'm wearing hand-knit wool socks (cold in the house) and am dreaming of knitting.

Let's see- which looks like more fun- this?

or this?

Ugh. I'm attempting to plug away on the school work, since doing so this weekend will leave me some evening time to knit. Seriously- whoever said the third year of law school was the easiest was a LIAR.

I do have knitting news, but it ain't good. I finished the koigu socks. One is an inch longer in the foot (knew about that) AND half an inch longer in the leg (DIDN'T know that) than the other... I know I need to re-do the toe on the longer sock. Can I live with the difference in leg length? (Maybe WILL I live with the length difference is the better question to ask....)

We also have wedding news- booked a reception venue and a caterer on Friday- so we also have a DATE! It's fun to see the pieces start falling in to place. If any ABQ/NM brides want to dish about vendors/ideas, let me know! I'll be sure to share any positive experiences I have here....


meg said...

OH dear - your koigu socks appear to be jinxed! I think you can live with the lengths - you would never wear them with a skirt/short capri pants, so what is the diff?

Will give you call this week - catch up!

Rebecca said...

Congratulations on booking for your wedding. It must be a big relief!

I agree with Meg, nobody will see the difference in length of the socks.

Maeve said...

I think that we should both be committed for our own safety. Even if law school (and all of it's collateral obligations) wasn't a gigantic time-suck, we are both passionately addicted to a hobby that requires tremendous amounts of time. So what did we think it was a good idea to do? Oh, I know! We'll use our "spare time" to plan weddings!

But HUGE congrats on booking for the wedding - I'm hoping to get to that point in the next week or so. We already have the church, but the reception site is taking a bit of effort... ;)