5th time's a charm...?

Well, I'm two days in to my fifth semester of law school and am once again completely and totally overwhelmed by how quickly things get out of control. I was so far behind at 11:00 on Monday morning- three hours into the new school year- that I have already slipped into slackerhood (if I'm this far behind now, why bother with school work tonight? Pshaw!)

Anyway, I made a good dent in stuff today, and am hopefully going to be back in school mode by the end of the week. It is a pretty dramatic change in velocity though- a week of vacation/nothing to do followed by an immediate need to sprint before you've even had a chance to tie your shoes... Ah well.

Looking to be a good but really busy semester. I'll do my best to get back in regular blog mode- it's good for me to think about non-school stuff, and now I can add non-wedding stuff to that list, too.

I'm ALMOST done with my koigu sock- about half an inch away plus the picot bind off. Then I need to redo the toe on sock #1- it's about an inch too long- and then I'll have my very own pair of koigu socks! YAY! Other knitting projects have screeched to a halt, but the cooler weather is making my fingers itchy... This bodes well for ye olde knit blog....

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meg said...

You sound like a busy busy girl! Keep your head above water.

I wish I could take you out to lunch at Amerasia. :(