I can see clearly now...

Well, more clearly than Wednesday night, at any rate.

We've found a reception site that offers the same amenities as the other place for the lowly sum of $500. Yep, knocked an entire zero off the end. YAY. And, we've found another place that would include everything (catering costs, too) for $4000 less than the old site plus their catering estimate. So that's another nice option. AND, I've got a backup backup plan of doing it in a friend's gorgeous cabin north of Santa Fe.

And, I bought a dress on ebay this week for $50- not sure if it's the right dress, but it's pretty darn good and the price is absolutely right. Fits perfectly, too... It's nice to know I have a backup if I don't find anything else. And, $50 for a new, never worn dress with the tags still on! YAY!

My uncle is a former wedding photographer who offered to do our wedding when we first got engaged., and I may still take him up on that. I'd also like him to be able to be a guest. Using him would save us $2000, but seeing as how I've just saved us at least $4000 on the reception venue and between $500 and $2,000 on a dress, this might be a valid splurge.

I'm still amazed by how much this stuff costs, but I feel like things are looking up. Thanks for all your fabulous suggestions- keep them coming!


Scoutj said...

Oh that's great news. There's nothing LESS fun than stressing out about your own wedding!

meg said...

You see! No problem! You can totally do this on a budget.

Send me a picture of the new dress!

TrevorKane said...

Don't forget the disposable cameras at each table. Then your uncle can be a guest, the guests can be part of the photography and you can have lots of interesting photos, both the professional and amateur type.

Good news on the dress and venues. For my second wedding, we used a one of my tartans for the theme. I gave my attendants a sample of the ribbon, told them to buy something they liked that matched, and everyone was happy. And, I found a wonderful dress at Ross. I also gave the ribbon to the florist, told her to do her thing to match. Lovely flowers, less money. She said I was the easiest bride she had have dealt with. Good luck!

Rebecca said...

YAY! Glad to hear things are back on track.

Helen said...

I think if your uncle offered, then it's because he really wants to do it and you should accept: it's not about the money, it's about what he wants to do for you on your wedding day. He will feel more a part of it if he's taking photographs than if he's a guest, honestly. I'm an auntie, I know these things.