Big Bird Babie Blankie

As promised, though much delayed, here's the big bird baby blankie pictures:

It's made out of 5 balls of Berocco Plush, which is a really soft yarn. Mr. C picked it out- he specifically wanted something fuzzy and cuddly, and this was the one fuzzy novelty yarn I could think of that I wouldn't mind working with again (one of my first knitting projects was a scarf for my mom in the baby blue Plush.) I knit it on size 8 needles, instead of the 10.5 called for because I wanted the fabric to be firm and full- yarns like this knit too loosely can feel stringy and flimsy. The bright yellow and orange made me think of big bird the entire time I was working on the blanket....

The recipient also knits, though not quite as much as I do. :-) She was really happy with the blankie!.


Nichole D. said...

I totally can see the Big Bird factor. Very cute! It almost looks like its felted.

Anonymous said...

This is very sweet! I hope the recipient love it for a long time.
I used Plush once for the Berrocco Suede baby hat and was pleased with the results. I may have to knit some baby blankets with it. You've inspired me. Hmmm, what colors to do?

Anonymous said...

Oh so precious! So bright and cheerful - bet you are glad to be done with it.

miss you, babe!


Debi said...

So adorable!