Bobbles- what the....?

I'm looking at the tea cozy. Natch. What else would I be doing-- studying for torts? Bah!

I don't get bobbles. I think they look silly. I don't understand the allure. The ONLY thing I have ever liked that had bobbles was a nifty poncho my 8 year old cousin wore when she was here. It was bright red and had little white bobbles scattered over it. Really cute. FOR AN 8 YEAR OLD. I just can't see myself wearing anything with bobbles. Yikes.

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Anonymous said...

The REAL trouble with bobbles, especially on a sweater, is the incredibly INCONVENIENT way they have of perching in places that are embarrassingly suggestive, if you get my drift.

I like the idea of bobbles. But not on my person, thank you!