Knitting is the best procrastination...

Classes ended Tuesday. WOOHOO! So Wednesday was Jenny's day of hair- got highlights and a haircut. I go to different people for each, and they both HATE it. Hehehe. Anyway, had to go to Santa Fe for the cut and I FINALLY got 2 extra balls of DB Cashmerino Aran in off white for the Cherry scarf. Hurray!

Dad called with some exciting news today- he is marrying his girlfriend of 6 years, which is GREAT. She is an amazing woman and frankly, I'm amazed it too him this long to get his act together.

My birthday is Monday. YAY! My friend Katie threw a little birthday/end of school party last night- we had a slumber party! It was pretty darn fun. Pizza, wine, manincures, and 80s John Hughes movies.

What with finals approaching at an alarming rate, I'm doing suprisingly little studying and suprisingly lots of knitting. I turned the hell (doh! I mean heel!) on the second boy sock. I knit a few inches on the cherry scarf. I'm still plugging away on the tea cozy and scarf gifts. Criminal Law? bah! Contracts? Whatever! Torts? Who cares?!?!?

Um, I care. I guess I should get to work...

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The Frog said...

Good luck with your exams!!! I'll be thinking about you.