YIKES! Finals!

One down, 3 more to go. I actually feel REALLY good about my contracts exam yesterday.

I keep thinking I should take the time to share some deep thoughts with you. Not today.

Knitting progress-pictures eventually, I promise.

I finished a really cute tea cozy for my friend K for Christmas. Pattern was in Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

I ran out of yarn on the manly socks! Damn! I still have 3 inches to go, too. Guess I'd better go buy another ball...

Am 2/3 of the way done with the Herringbone scarf for my bro...

That's it! See you in a week when I am DONE with finals!

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The Frog said...

My former Contracts, and Uniform Commercial Code, Proffessor (Craig Smith) has great overviews on Contracts, Torts, Civil Procedure, Legal Research, and Remedies. He just published a book on Contract Law too.

I'm using his Remedies materials to study for an exam tonight as a matter of fact.

Your own proffessor's notes and comments trump everything else - but Craig Smith's website's worth checking out - I have found it to be extreamely helpful. I wish he taught all my classes, or at least did a review of all my classes.


Good luck on your exams!!!