Revised bobble opinion

So there's a woman who comes to our knit night that has amazing cabled sweaters (all purchased, alas, but she's getting there...) Tonight's sweater had... bobbles. Now, on HER, they looked ok. But they were sparse and off to the side. No chance of looking like misplaced nipples. So I'm revising my opinion. Like N said in her comment to the last post- bobbles aren't all bad, I just don't want any on ME.

Knit night was good. N began to turn her first heel. I think she's hooked. SO SORRY I was worthless on the short row heels! N also brought her camera and took a picture of the small group tonight- watch for it on her blog!

I'm in a fog. Still haven't gotten much done for torts. And yet, here I am, AGAIN....

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