Hussie... Hoochie... HARLOT

Yep, we got the YARN HARLOT live and in person tonight. YAY!

She recognized my yarn as Koigu even before she looked at me... Truly a kindred spirit. If the Harlot comes to a town near you, GO. Don't think twice- she is kind, wondeful, funny, and completely totally down to earth.

Thanks, Stephanie! You made my day!


jeannie said...

So COOL!!!!! What a great picture!!!!! I couldn't be more excited than if Stephanie were the Most Famous Person in the world.
Why didn't I bring my camera?

So true -She was just "folks" and very real.
So great to see you and your MOM.

Scoutj said...

IT was fun wasn't it?

Rebecca said...

It was a great night wasn't it! Hope to see you Tuesday.