New Look and Christmas Knitting

Woman Obsessed got a face lift this morning. I kind of like the clean lines... Who knows how long this will last!!!

What is it about Christmas and knitters that makes us all insane? Cruising blogland I see dozens of knitters who appear to think that the can get an entire year's worth of knitting done in December. IT'S CRAZY. I knit two presents- one was done in mid-November, the other last night. That was enough to send me over the edge! People think my knitting is cute, but most don't care whether a gift is hand-knitted or not (and I have it on good authority that most would even prefer NON-handknitted presents).

SO why do we do this to ourselves?


jen said...

Love the new look!
At this point I have given up and decided nothing will be handmade this year. Blech. Tho, maybe as you say, my family and friends will be grateful!

Nanette said...

I love the new look too! Every Christmas I always have all these grandiose plans (not just about knitting) and then I find I barely have time to sleep and eat. sigh

Scoutj said...

Then there are the selfish beeyotches like me who just knit things like a OSW for myself! :)

meg said...

Because we enjoy it. What good little knitter doesn't enjoy a little masochism every now and again (or every Christmas)?

Besides, it gets the blood pumping!