Butter Fingers

I've been doing a *wee* bit of typing recently.

I am terrified that I am going to type "pubic use" over and over agian on my Con Law exam instead of using the much more politically (and technically) correct "public use."

Back when I was a technical writer, I'd had a really long couple days at work trying to get a product out. I knew it was time to quit for the day when I misspelled "technology" in such a way that spellechecker suggested "gynecologist" as the correct spelling....


Chris said...

As a former technical writer who's typed some doozies, I wish you luck!

Beverly said...

The former president at the college where I worked was "Dr. Sexter." My spell check always wanted to change it to Dr. Sexier. Although it wasn't quite true, I was always tempted!

Love your cashmere from Meg! Have you decided what to make with it?

Rebecca said...

Hang in there Jenny!

Not sure if Knit Night is in your schedule this week but I was wonder if I could borrow the pattern for the "Misty Garden" scarf at some stage. Thanks!