It's That Time Of Year....

There's no escaping now, it's CRUNCH TIME. The time of year when stress gets the best of me and I grind my teeth in my sleep. Also clenching my jaws during the day. There's just a LOT to do, and not a lot of time to do it in! Deadlines are looming!

In the next 3 weeks, I have the following to do:
  • A complete mock trial, representing an insurance company defending against a claim... The guy making the insurance claim torched his company so he could collect the insurance money.
  • Find jurors and witnesses for the trial.
  • Put together my arguments, prepare for examination of witnesses, develope visual aids and exhibits.
  • Pretrial conference where we decide how easy or how hard getting evidence admitted will be.
  • Law review stuff. There's a lot.
  • Checking 2 or 3 articles' worth of citations. BORING and work-intensive, but necessary nonetheless.
  • Research and write 25 pages of background on Rule 23, relating to class actions, complete with footnotes.
  • Find and read a ton of cases on Rule 23, synthesize what they say, and incorporate in to my background.
  • Revise my existing 25 pages of the Court's rationale- requires a lot more research, major revamping of what I've written.
  • Research and start 25 pages of analysis. This one is a bear. Fortunately, not due till December 2.

And that doesn't include normal school work, stuff for work, or sleep. Oy.

At least I've gotten down the main chunks of stuff to do. That makes it a little less scary.

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