Startitis has set in.

See Sunday Undies's Calendar of Death for an explanation of why. Except that I haven't started reading yet, and I don't anticipate doing so until December 3 because I have YET ANOTHER section of my law review note due December 2. My calendar of death looks something like:
Nov 21-27: Veg and knit. Hang out with BF in TX, drink margaritas.
Nov 28-Dec 2: Crank out 25+ pages of research paper for law review note, edit (read complete overhaul) existing 20 pages of a different section.
Dec 2-6: Panic about Evidence
December 6: Turn 29. (GAAAH! I'm almost 30!!!!!)
Dec 6-7: Panic about Constitutional Law
Dec 8: Take Evidence exam, hope for the best.
Dec 9-10: Finish panicking about Constitutional Law
Dec. 11-12: Panic about Civil Procedure II
Dec. 13: Take Con law exam, hope for something other than the worst.
Dec 14: Finish panicking about Civ Pro II
Dec 15: Take Civ Pro II exam, hope I can still spell my name.
Dec 16: Lay on couch and drool.

In KNITTING NEWS, I finished the reindeer thingy. It looks pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. Pictures on December 26.

I started a pair of socks with my Plain and Fancy Sheep and Wool in minty green- this stuff is AMAZING. I found out that they specialize in merino sheep- so it's soft, single ply merino handspun sport weight sock yarn. MMMMMMM. I'm making the retro rib socks from that issue of IK, adjusted for sport weight yarn. (Alison at the Blue Blog did these adjustments in her April 10 entry- THANKS, ALISON!)

I also started River from the latest Rowan in orange kidsilk haze, BUT had to rip it out in row 4. (Ouch. Ripping mohair sucks.) So. I might not cast back on for this. The pattern isn't that complicated, but I still managed to screw it up less than 3 rows in. Maybe this one will sit in the knitting basket for a while.


Anonymous said...

Oh dude. Reindeer hat. I can't wait to see it!

It looks like you're going to be busy for a while; hang in there!

- MJ

jen said...

Well, I was feeling horrible until I see that you have a law review note as well. Yikes!
I'll be turning 29 just 27 days after you. Which is I believe how many new wrinkles I acquire during each finals season.

Maeve said...

law school finals suck. definitely the only way to get through them is with copious amounts of alcohol, fairly brainless knitting, and cookies. ;)

and don't you love how the "prize" for getting on a law review is crazy amounts of work during finals? I'm so glad i finished my first draft last week...